Transformers Optimus Prime blue and red pull back racer truck on box packaging
Transformers Bumblebee yellow Camaro pull back racer truck on box packaging
Face view of Transformers Optimus Prime pull back racer truck
Front view of Transformers Bumblebee pull back racer truck
Transformers pull back racer Optimus Prime truck in blue and red
Transformers pull back racer Bumblebee yellow Camaro car

Transformers Pull Back Racers Autobot Decepticon Vehicles 15cm


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Product Description:

Fans of Transformers will have hours of fun with this pull-back racer. Pull back the Autobot or Decepticon vehicle and prepare for fast action. Let go and watch the 15cm racer speed across the living room into battle to save the universe! The vehicles feature cartoon styled versions of the Transformer characters. Available in a choice of Optimus Prime's blue truck and Bumblebee's yellow Camaro. Suitable for age 4+


• Pull back action to store up power to race
• Release for a fast and furious journey across the floor
• Cartoon styled characters for lots of racing fun
• Transformers pull back racer is 15cm (6") long
• Available in a choice of characters
• Suitable for ages 4+
• A great addition to any Transformers collection