man wearing pink unicorn carry me costume on a pink background

Carry Me Costumes

Step into a world of whimsy, humour, and unforgettable moments with XS-Stock’s exclusive range of Carry Me Costumes.

Perfect for St Patrick's Day celebrations, Halloween haunts, and special occasions, each piece is designed to bring laughter, joy, and a touch of the extraordinary to every event.

Our carry-me costumes are a delightful mix of creativity and comfort, perfect for adults and teens alike. Imagine the hilarity of a leprechaun costume with false legs, making every step a dance of Irish charm. Halloween costumes transform into a world where the Carry Me ghost mingles with the horror clown, and every corner is filled with laughter and spooky surprises.

For the kids, our costumes for kids range is a playful journey into the world of imagination. PJ Masks meet Paw Patrol, and every theme party and birthday celebration is a world where Disney princesses dance with Power Rangers.

Our toddler costumes, including the beloved Peppa Pig, are crafted for comfort, ensuring every little one is a part of the magical journey. Funny costumes are our speciality.

The Carry Me Scotsman is a nod to the highlands, while the inflatable ride costumes bring a touch of the extraordinary to every event. Special effects meet foam latex; every costume blends quality, comfort, and unforgettable style. 80s party or gold party, our adult carry range is versatile, ensuring every event is a spectacle of colours, styles, and themes. Angel Wings meets Little Red Riding Hood, and every costume for adults is a story waiting to be told.

Our costumes and accessories are the final touches to a world of whimsy. Every step of your shopping journey is crafted for convenience, from the estimated delivery to the seller's information. Halloween decor meets party decorations, and every space is transformed into a world of magic, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Whether it’s the charm of St Patrick's, the spookiness of Halloween, or the magic of a theme party, XS-Stock’s Carry Me Costumes are your ticket to a world where every step is a dance, every laugh is a memory, and every costume is a journey into the extraordinary.