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Candles & Holders

Shop XS-Stock's latest collection of candles & holders from only 79p. The current range includes luxury candles in heavenly fragrances to freshen up your home, reed diffusers & decorative candle holders to style your shelving at home.

Our range of candles and holders includes brands such as Yankee Candle and Baltus. Scented candles can make such a difference throughout the year. A Jar candle by Yankee candle can be the perfect gift. You could be making up a gift box for a friend, and a candle is a definite winner. There is always a fragrance to match your mood, and the scent makes the difference. At Christmas, you want to enhance the mood with some scented candles or wax melts. Single or multi-wick candles are also available. A scented candle can not only lift the aroma within the room but also be a means of light. Yes, we know the cost of electricity is getting expensive, so we need to look at safe and cost-effective alternatives this winter. A scented candle can be that solution, but you must always remember that it can be dangerous if left unattended or too close to combustible material. Always use candles safely and never leave them unattended.

A wax melt is a safe alternative without the benefit of light. A wax candle adds that flicker against the wall, but a wax melt gives you a constant scent throughout the house. Add a nice candle holder or one of the many candle accessories available, and paraffin wax has never been nicer!

A luxury candle or wax burner is an excellent birthday gift or Christmas Gift for that someone special.

Our range of Aroma Humidifiers is practical and lovely to look at. They add a fragrance to your humidified stream of steam. This is great for dry environments where air conditioning removes the humidity making your throat dry, or create your own zen area with our lovely Buddha Indoor Water Fountain.

Summer candles can be scented to ensure midges and flies stay away, so whatever your favourite fragrance, I am sure we can help.

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