lady in 80's costume wearing neon leotard, headband, necklace and bracelets

Neon Accessories

Step back in time and light up the night with XS-Stock’s vibrant collection of Neon Fancy Dress Accessories. Perfect for an 80s themed party, hen party, or festival party, each piece is a burst of retro neon charm, designed to make you shine.

Our 80s neon accessories are a nostalgic journey to a time of leg warmers, fishnet gloves, and neon headbands. Every neon pink tutu and neon rainbow bead necklace is a crafted masterpiece, echoing the iconic style of the 1980s fancy dress era.

Dress neon and relive the iconic 80s festival with costumes accessories that are as authentic as they are vibrant. From the glow in the dark lace bow to the neon green wig with fringe, every piece is a blend of quality and nostalgic charm. Our neon leg warmers and warmers fishnet gloves are iconic, a perfect pair for the neon yellow cycling shorts and hot pant.

The party 80s vibe is incomplete without the iconic tutu set. Our pink tutu and rainbow tutu are whimsical and vibrant, a perfect match for the neon beaded bracelets and bead necklace. Every 80s fancy dress costumes accessories piece is crafted for the modern woman, echoing the retro neon charm with a contemporary twist.

Kids costume options are a playful journey into the world of neon. From the neon orange mesh top to the neon tutu skirts, every piece is a blend of comfort, quality, and iconic 80s style. Our party accessories are the final touch, transforming every theme party and fancy dress party into a nostalgic journey to the retro neon era.

Whether it’s the iconic 80s uv glow, the whimsical neon costumes, or the iconic 80s accessories, XS-Stock’s collection of Neon Fancy Dress Accessories is a world where the past meets the present, and the iconic meets the contemporary.

This season, step into a world where every color is vibrant, every piece is iconic, and every outfit is a nostalgic journey to the whimsical world of 80s neon. Explore our collection and let the retro neon journey begin!