pink velvet draught excluder blocking draught from patio doors

Draught Excluders & Door Stops

When the temperature drops and the wind picks up that is when you realise a door seal is not as good as you hoped. Draughts coming from doors and windows can impact your heating bill. A draught excluder from Ltd can help with that problem. A fabric draught excluder is placed at the bottom of your door when heating a room and will reduce if not stop draughts and cold air coming under your door. you can compliment this with a brush strip from a local DIY Store. Draught Excluders are stylish and practical and will help get rid of that unwanted draught.

Draught Proofing your home will not only help with your in-home heating but will also reduce the cost of heating your home this winter season. Whether an external or internal door the draught excluder can help. If you have a gap at a window or a front or back door you are going to get draughts. You can purchase foam strips for your window gaps and new rubber seals for external doors. These are not expensive fixes and are easy to do. Just do a google for a video ;-)

Cold draughts from your garage door can be difficult to stop but if you add a door brush and draught excluder to your internal door you should reduce or remove the draught from your garage door.

When you have your heating on you are creating warm air so why have cold air coming in under doors if you can stop them?

Visit Ltd today and purchase a door draught excluder now and save energy and money on your heating bill.

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