christmas nativity set on snow with christmas tree in the background

Nativity Sets

Shop XS-Stock's latest Nativity Set & Figures range - the best way to spread some festive cheer during your Christmas celebration. The current collection will make a lovely Christmas Decoration addition, perfect for display on your coffee table, dining table, console table and fireplace ledge. A Nativity Set is also a great way to teach little ones about the nativity story - they'll even enjoy moving the nativity figures around the nativity scene - perfect for creating precious moments and memories with the family. You can easily personalize your nativity scene at home, the same way you do with your Christmas Tree. Once you have chosen the location for your nativity set and arranged the figures how you like, you can then add additional Christmas decorations and lighting to create a cosy Christmas atmosphere. A nativity set looks lovely styled with holly leaves and berries, or if you've placed it near your Christmas tree, you could add hanging angel figures, star tree toppers and nativity scene animal tree decorations to complete the Christmas scene. Don't forget to add Christmas scents with a scented candle or scented pine cones!

Our most popular Nativity Sets & Figures include our; Large Traditional Nativity Set Decoration - a classic Christmas Nativity Scene, this Nativity Set includes a large Nativity Stable with 11 Nativity Figures, crafted from a Poly resin material including; baby Jesus in his manger, virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, The Three Wise Men, The Shepard & a Sheep, Angel Gabriel, and a Donkey and a Cow. Each Nativity figure features intricate details and can be moved around to display the Nativity Scene decoration anyway you like. Our light up resin Nativity Set Christmas Ornament is also a popular choice, this scene features The Three Wise Men bringing gifts to Mary and Joseph for the Baby Jesus. The decoration is lit by 16 warm white led lights to add a cosy festive glow, and makes the perfect Christmas table decoration. Our novelty Christmas Nativity Set Glitter Water Ornament features glitter water with LED lights and a Holy Family & Wise Men scene inside.
Our newest addition to our Christmas Nativity Scene collection, includes our Nativity Set Figurines. This nativity set is a contemporary take on a classic Christmas scene and features 5 figures that spell out the word Peace. Each piece features a nativity figure of those who were present at the birth of Baby Jesus including the three Wise Men, Angel Gabriel, Mary and Joseph figures and of course baby Jesus in his Christmas crib.
We also have many more traditional Nativity Set, Figures and Nativity Scene options to choose from!