white fleecy blanket draped over taupe coloured textured sofa

Throws & Blankets

As the nights get darker and the sun sets earlier, we start thinking of heating the house and cosying up to watch a film or a TV Show.

As electricity and Gas bills climb, we need to look at alternative ways to keep warm. A perfect way is to buy a Blanket from XS-Stock.com Ltd.

A colour-coordinated blanket for your living or family room can look stylish and be there when you need it for that extra heat. Creating that warmth without turning up the heating can be easier than you think. A nice on-trend grey throw or blanket can help you sleep and snuggle up on the sofa for a night in front of the TV. If security and comfort are what you need, we also have a great range of weighted blankets available. Known to help with sleep, a weighted blanket is a perfect solution to anxiety. According to the Sleep Foundation, a weighted blanket provides Comfort and Security and can ease stress and soothe anxiety, Improve Sleep Quality and Calm The Nervous System. The Hodge and Hodge Weighted blanket range can help with Anxiety, Depression and Autism Spectrum Disorders. They not only keep you warm but also have many health benefits.

A blanket can be a cost-effective alternative to an electric blanket this year.

Blankets come in various materials: merino lambswool, wool, cotton or 100% polyester. A cosy blanket or bed throw as an extra layer on your bed could save money this year.

Our polyester soft Blanket is so cosy and will look great when not in use. As one of your essential home accessories this year, you must grab one now.

A Soft fleece touch that provides comfort and a cosy texture will make the long winter nights less cold.

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