halloween accessories including red wig, devil horns face paints and mini pumpkins on a grey background

Fancy Dress Accessories

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Find the perfect finishing touch to your Fancy Dress Costumes with XS-Stock's wide range of fancy dress accessories. Perfect for a Halloween Party, themed birthday parties, hen party & stag do weekends or any other fancy dress event. Our current fancy dress accessories range is filled with popular costume accessories including; a bow tie and braces range, a fun feather boa range, face paint and special effects makeup, facial hair, fake blood, hats & headpieces, a great face mask range, popular fancy dress wigs including; Vampire Wigs, Disney Princess Wigs and Hippie wigs, too name a few! We have also separated our Adults Fancy Dress Accessories and our Kids Fancy Dress Accessories, so you can easily browse the correct collection for you.
Don't forget to check out our huge range of fancy dress costumes. Here you'll find the most popular Halloween styles including; Disney Princess costumes, a Hawaiian Fancy Dress costume range, Animal Costumes, Day of the Dead Costumes, Horror Face Masks, Film & TV themed face masks and many more great fancy dress costumes.
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