lady weighing raspberries on black slim kitchen scale on top of wooden counter

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are a must have for any cooking enthusiast! They're essential for weighing the required ingredients with complete precision to ensure the end result is simply perfect. At XS-Stock we've got a great range of kitchen scales to choose from, you just have to decide between a digital kitchen scale or mechanical scales.
Traditional Mechanical Kitchen Scale
You might be more tempted by mechanical scales for their style - a vintage look, these would look great displayed in retro style kitchen spaces! These work via a spring inbuilt within the scale - it pulls on the included weighing platform, bowl or plate and provides a reading on the front dial. A mechanical weighing scale is easier to clean when compared with a digital food scale as its less sensitive to water, and some kitchen scales are even dishwasher safe. If you're sold on the mechanical scale, we have a great range from Teraillon, with some great features for precise measurement including a manual tare function; this is ideal when weighing multiple ingredients, a metric and imperial display and a stainless steel bowl with a 800ml weight capacity. It also looks the part with a sleek black finish and a large weight dial on the front.
Digital Kitchen Scale
Digital kitchen scales are arguably the best kitchen scales to have in the kitchen, as they provide the most accurate weight overall and they have the ability to weigh ingredients in a range of units such as gram, ounce etc. They also feature an easy to read LCD display screen which always provides the most precise measurement. Digital kitchen scales are also mostly compact and great for saving space on your kitchen worktop, or popping in the cupboard once the food preparation process is done. A digital scale is also the most cost effective option on the market today as they have continued to grow in popularity over the years. If a digital kitchen scale is the option for you, you'll find a great set right here. Choose from classic steel digital scales, or kitchen scales with mixing bowls included.
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