XS-Stock Affiliate Programme - Earn 7% Commission

Earn back 7% commission on every sale you make in 2023.

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to earn money by promoting a wide range of products from one of the UK's leading retailers? Look no further than the XS-Stock Affiliate Programme!

As an affiliate, you'll have the chance to promote thousands of products across a variety of categories, including home and garden, toys and games, electronics, and more. Whether you're a blogger, social media influencer, or just someone looking to monetise their online presence, the XS-Stock Affiliate Programme is the perfect opportunity to earn money while promoting products you love.

By joining our programme, you'll earn a 7% commission on every confirmed product sale made through your unique affiliate link. This commission will be paid out 30 days after the sale via Paypal, as long as no items are returned during this period.

With a wide range of products to choose from and a competitive commission rate, you'll be able to make money while helping others find the perfect products for their needs. And with the added assurance that commission will only be paid for confirmed sales that are not returned within 30 days, you can rest easy knowing that you'll receive fair and accurate compensation for your efforts.

So why wait? Sign up for the XS-Stock Affiliate Programme today and start earning commission on every confirmed product sale made through your unique affiliate link. Whether you're looking to earn some extra income or start a new career as an online marketer, the XS-Stock Affiliate Programme is the perfect place to start.

There is a mobile app as well so it can't be easier : 

It lets you as an affiliate manage your links, earnings, payouts through a native mobile app.

  1. Download the app from
    • Google Play store  
    • iOS App.               

      Login if you already have an affiliate account or create a new account in the app

  2. When prompted enter the following STORE ID (or scan the QR code below)



QR Code
XS Affiliate QR Code


Her is a quick video on how to set up your account :

Create an account : https://xs-stock.goaffpro.com/create-account

Q: What is affiliate marketing?

A: Affiliate marketing is a popular online business tool that allows you to earn commissions by promoting products from various ecommerce platforms. As an affiliate marketer, you can join affiliate networks like Shopify's partner program, Amazon Associates, or Commission Junction (CJ) and start selling products to earn affiliate earnings.

Q: How can I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

A: You can start affiliate marketing by signing up for an affiliate marketing program. These programs for beginners provide a wide range of products to promote. Once you join, you'll be given a unique link, also known as an affiliate link, which you can use to market products on social media, blog posts, or your online store.

Q: What role do affiliate managers play in affiliate marketing?

A: Affiliate managers, or dedicated account managers, help affiliates manage their affiliate relationships, ensuring that they are promoting products effectively and earning commission. They are a crucial part of the affiliate marketing hub, providing constant contact and support to affiliates.

Q: How does the commission rate work in affiliate marketing?

A: The commission rate varies depending on the product category and the affiliate program. Some programs pay a flat rate, while others offer a percentage of the sale. For instance, Amazon Associates, one of the most popular affiliate programs, offers months of commissions for each referred customer who makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

Q: How can I build my business as an affiliate marketer?

A: Building your business as an affiliate marketer requires a strategic marketing strategy. You can use SEO and content marketing to drive traffic to your affiliate sites, improving your conversion rates. Social selling on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can also help you reach a wider audience.

Q: Can I learn more about affiliate marketing through an online course?

A: Yes, you can take an online course to learn more about affiliate marketing and business. These courses often cover topics like SEO, digital marketing, and how to use business tools effectively.

Q: How are affiliate earnings paid out?

A: Affiliate earnings can be paid out through various methods, including PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Some programs even offer the option to receive payment via cheque or credit card.

Q: What is the role of content in affiliate marketing?

A: In addition to promoting products, successful affiliates also focus on providing value to their audience. This can be done by creating informative content, recommending products that are genuinely useful, and maintaining a constant contact with their audience.

Q: Can I use influencer marketing in affiliate marketing?

A: Yes, influencer marketing is another effective way to promote products. As a content creator, you can leverage your influence to recommend products to your followers, earning commission income in the process.

Q: Are there affiliate marketing opportunities outside the United Kingdom?

A: Yes, affiliate marketing is not just limited to the United Kingdom. There are also opportunities in the United States and other countries.

Q: Is affiliate marketing a viable way to earn passive income online?

A: Yes, affiliate marketing is a viable way to earn passive income online. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced online marketer, there's a wide range of affiliate programs to choose from. With the right strategy and dedication, you can build a successful affiliate marketing business.