wiltopia moose animal toy with accessories and digital content
wiltopia playmobil ibex toy
wiltopia playmobil alpaca toy
small moose animal toy with buildable accessories
small ivex animal toy with buildable accessories
small alpaca animal toy with buildable accessories
wiltopia alpaca package on grass with colourful balloons and decorations in the background
wiltopia with sustainable materials more than 80% on average

Playmobil Wiltopia Animal Toy Collectible Card Eco Materials


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Product Description

Discover the wonders of wildlife with Wiltopia Animal Collectibles from Playmobil! Each pack includes an animal figure, accessories and a collectible animal card that works with the Wiltopia app, letting kids learn about animals and their habitats. Wiltopia, Playmobil's eco-friendly line uses over 80% sustainable materials, promoting environmental awareness and an appreciation for wildlife. Use these sets on their own, or collect them all for more adventures!


  • Sustainable playing experience from Playmobil!
  • Encourages learning about wildlife and environmental awareness
  • Made from over 80% sustainable materials
  • Educational animal cards with access to digital content
  • Suitable for ages 4-10


  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Choose from Ibex (12pc), Moose (7pc), Alpaca (9pc)
  • Each pack includes one animal figure, accessories and an animal card
  • App available to access digital learning content

Additional Information

Explore and learn with Wiltopia Animal Collectibles from Playmobil! Unlock digital content and promote eco-friendly play. Order now and enjoy fun wildlife adventures while caring for our planet.