Box of Fortune cookies mystical game of tempting fate for age 8+ years
Contents of the box of the Fortune Cookies strategy game
Fortune Cookies game box and contents laid out

Fortune Cookies Unique Strategy Game Family Fun 3-5 Players Age 8+


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Product Description:

Play Fortune Cookie from Ridley's games and see if you will inherit a fortune in this mystical game of tempting fate. On a plate in front of you sit 12 Fortune Cookies. Many are unfortunate but some predict great things. Use magic scrolls to strategically change your fate, but other players can change it too! Will you end up with good fortune, or does your future involve getting injured playing leapfrog with a unicorn? A game for 3 to 5 players age 8+


• A mystical game of tempting fate and good fortune
• A unique strategy game for 3 to 5 players
• Game play time is 10 minutes per person approx.
• Box size: W10 x H15 x D4cm
• Ideal for family games night
• Suitable for ages 8+

Additional Information:

Game contains 12 fortune cookie cards, 30 action cards, five star-shaped wooden tokens, 1 score pad and 1 pencil.