Express Sealant Instant Spray On Rinse Off Protection 500ml

Express Sealant Instant Spray On Rinse Off Protection 500ml


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Express Sealant 500ml from Infinity Wax is a concentrated Si02 sealant that provides protection to all exterior surfaces, paintwork, glass, wheels, etc. for 2-3 months. It can be applied as a diluted solution via a pump sprayer, trigger bottle, or snowfoam lance.

• Seals exterior surfaces with ease
• Apply and remove effortlessly
• Powerful polymers create an ionic bond
• Excellent hydrophobic properties
• Size: 500ml bottle
• For use on exterior surfaces only

Express is packed with positively charged polymers that are instantly attracted to your vehicle's paintwork. Once in contact, it only takes a few seconds for these polymers to form an ionic bond with the surface through electrostatic attraction. This allows the sealant to be rinsed off while only leaving behind the essential protection elements.

Express should be used right at the end of the wash process, by way of a drying aid or last stage protection. Once applied, you should always dry your vehicle. Quick detailing sprays can be used after drying to give an even more impressive finish.

Hazard! - May cause eye irritation.

Safety Information:
Keep out of reach of children
Always wear protective clothing when using this product
Use the product in a well ventilated environment