chill-tex cooling pillow case packaging featuring size details, and features
ice blue colour cooling pillowcase with pillow inside on white background

Chill-Tex Ice Blue Cooling Pillowcase Protector Cool to Touch


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Product Description

Perfect for warm summer nights and ideal for over-heaters or those who experience night sweats and hot flushes, the Chill-Tex Cooling Pillowcase is your solution to a cooler, more comfortable sleep. This versatile, innovative pillowcase can be used on its own or as a protector with your favourite pillowcase on top. Its ice blue colour with contrasting blue silky piping adds a stylish touch to any bedding.


  • Advanced fibre technology cools to the touch, ensuring comfort day and night
  • Convenient zip cover allows for easy removal and washing
  • Versatile use as a standalone pillowcase or as a protector under another pillowcase
  • Ideal for warm summer nights and those who experience night sweats or hot flushes
  • Fits standard pillows, adding a stylish and functional layer to your bedding


  • Size: 48cm x 74cm (approx)
  • Colour: Ice blue with contrasting blue silky piping
  • Materials: 40% nylon, 60% polyester
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only

Additional Information

The Chill-Tex Cooling Pillowcase is designed with advanced fibre technology to provide a cool to the touch feel, helping you stay comfortable throughout the night. The convenient zip cover makes it easy to remove and clean, whilst the stylish ice blue colour with contrasting silky piping adds a touch of style to your bedding. Enjoy cool, comfortable and restful sleep with this innovative cooling pillowcase.