Start your charcoal barbecue with ease with the azuma bbq starter
Place the barbecue charcoal starter inside your barbecue then light the coals
Azuma BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter Barbecue Stainless Steel
The Azuma BBQ starter is made with galvanised steel and features a wooden handle
The top view of the starter shows the air vent holes that allows the starter to get your BBQ going in no time
Close up shot shows the galvanised steel construction, high quality but lightweight and easy to handle

Azuma BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter Barbecue Stainless Steel


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This handy Chimney Starter makes lighting your grill a piece of cake!

Using lighter fluids or firelighters can be dangerous and leave bbq food tasting of fuel. The Chimney Starter by Azuma is so safe and easy to use. Simply put crumpled newspaper in the lower chamber. Add charcoal to the upper chamber and light the newspaper. After 15 minutes (approx.) the charcoal is ready to place into your bbq.

• Galvanised metal frame with wooden handle
• Heat shield to protect your hand
• Holes in the lower chamber to light newspaper
• Can light up to 1.8kg of charcoal briquettes
• Charcoal will be ready to use within 15 to 20 minutes
• Height: 27cm. Chimney diameter: 17cm

Warning: Please read the safety instructions provided before use. Do not use gasoline, lighter fluid, electric starters or instant lighting briquettes with this product

Keep away from children and pets

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