Womens Neverland Fairy Fancy Dress Halloween Costume L (UK 18-20)

Womens Neverland Fairy Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


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Product Highlights:

Step into the enchanting world of Neverland with the Neverland Fairy costume from Wicked Costumes Ltd. Embrace your inner fairy and bring a touch of magic to your fancy dress collection. With its pale green dress, lace-up detail, and whimsical layers, this costume transports you to the realm of fairy tales. Complete with a set of wings, you'll captivate everyone with your ethereal presence.

What's Included?:

The Neverland Fairy costume includes:

  • Pale green dress with lace-up detail and whimsical layers
  • Set of wings worn like a backpack

Costume Description:

  • Enchanting Design: The Neverland Fairy costume features a pale green dress with delicate lace-up detail and whimsical layers, evoking the ethereal charm of fairy tales. The dress is designed to transport you to the magical world of Neverland, where fairies roam.
  • Wings of Wonder: Complete your transformation into a fairy with the included set of wings. These intricately designed wings, worn like a backpack, enhance the enchanting aura of the costume, allowing you to take flight into your own imaginary adventures.

Care Instructions:

To keep your Neverland Fairy costume in pristine condition, follow these care instructions:

  • Hand wash the costume using cold water and mild detergent.
  • Gently squeeze out any excess water without wringing or twisting the fabric.
  • Allow the costume to air dry completely before storing.
  • Avoid ironing or using direct heat on the costume.

Theme Ideas:

The Neverland Fairy costume is versatile and can be worn for various themes and parties:

  • Fairy Tale Parties: Bring the magic of fairy tales to life by embodying the spirit of a Neverland fairy. This costume is perfect for events with fantasy, whimsy, and enchantment themes.
  • Halloween Celebrations: Add a touch of ethereal beauty to your Halloween festivities by transforming into a mystical fairy. Stand out among traditional costumes, spreading joy and magic wherever you go.
  • School Shows and Drama Productions: Take centre stage with the Neverland Fairy costume in school plays and drama club productions. The costume's ethereal design and enchanting details will captivate the audience, transporting them to a world of fantasy and imagination.

Story Behind the Theme:

The Neverland Fairy costume is inspired by the magical world of Neverland from J.M. Barrie's classic story, "Peter Pan." In Neverland, fairies are magical beings with the ability to fly and sprinkle fairy dust. This costume allows you to immerse yourself in the whimsical realm of Neverland and embody the essence of a fairy, evoking the enchantment and wonder of the beloved tale.

Don't Miss Out:

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