Tub of 30 tough all round wipes for car seats and carpets to remove tough dirt and grime stains

Tough All Round Wipes Car Seats Carpet Clean Pack of 30


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Armor All All Round Wipes are the quick and easy way to clean your car fabric, upholstery, carpets and mats. The extra strength wipes can also be used for cleaning vinyl, rubber and plastic.

These All Round Wipes are specially formulated to remove tough, ground-in dirt without damaging, drying out, or fading your car's surfaces. They can also be used with excellent results inside the house. The stain remover has been tested against common dirt and spills such as; ground in dirt, mud, ink, burger grease, ketchup, black tea and coffee, red wine, motor oils

Moisture sealed for extra freshness. Smart Seal 'Twist & Lock' Lid

• One step cleaning
• Great for tough, ground-in dirt
• Safe for use on all car surfaces
• Easy to dispose of
• Extra strength wipes. 30 per tub

Please note: Not for personal cleansing

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