QDX Graphene Detailing Spray Car Care Protection 500ml
QDX Graphene Detailing Spray Car Care Protection 500ml

QDX Graphene Detailing Spray Car Care Protection 500ml


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QDX Graphene from Infinity Wax is a powerful yet forgiving quick detailer that has been enhanced with specialist graphene nano-platelet technology to provide some unique advantages over traditional detail sprays. It was the first successful water based car care product to include graphene in the UK. Available in an easy to use 500ml spray.

• Spray, wipe and walk away
• Powerful, quick detailing spray with graphene
• Unique ability to fill in defects
• Suitable for exterior painted surfaces
• Easy to use 500ml spray
• Spray directly on to paintwork
• For external use only

QDX Graphene has a unique ability to fill in defects on car paintwork. The Si02 in QDX is enhanced by the addition of graphene, which dramatically improves the slickness of the paint, water behaviour and improves the bond and resilience of the product against chemicals and environmental effects

QDX is a great last stage protection product that ticks some boxes others simply can't. It's almost liquid wax like in its abilities to enhance and protect yet comes in an easy to use spray. Use as a stand alone product, or as a topper for synthetic sealants and hybrid waxes

Hazard! - May cause skin irritation. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available 24/7 on www.infinitywax.com

Safety Information:
Keep out of reach of children!
For use on automotive finished paintwork and glass only. Avoid contact with rubber and plastic. Do not use on vehicle interior. Apply QDX in a well-ventilated environment. Always wear gloves when using chemicals and avoid contact with bare skin. If irritation develops when using QDX stop immediately and wash the affected area with plenty of cold water and introduce gentle scrubbing. QDX will cause irritation to the eyes and airways. Always stand upwind of any spray. If QDX encounters eyes rinse thoroughly with eyewash. If swallowed contact your local emergency services and do not induce vomiting.