Womens Summer Of Love 60s Hippie Halloween Costume L (UK 18-20)

Womens Summer Of Love 60s Hippie Halloween Costume


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Product Highlights:

Step back to the 60s and join the flower power generation dressed in this fabulous Summer of Love costume! It includes a patterned dress with an attached waistcoat, belt, headband, and medallion. Please note glasses are NOT included. Perfect for fancy dress parties, Halloween, shows and theatre productions, charity events and fundraisers, or just for some great dress-up fun on a night out!

What's Included:

  • Patterned dress with an attached waistcoat
  • Belt
  • Headband
  • Medallion
  • Please note: Glasses are NOT included

Costume Description:

  • Vibrant and colourful patterned dress with an attached waistcoat
  • Comfortable and breathable fabric for all-day wear
  • Flattering fit with a defined waistline
  • The easy-to-use belt for adjustable sizing
  • Stylish headband to complete the look
  • Eye-catching medallion for an authentic touch

Care Instructions:

To keep your Summer of Love costume looking fabulous, please follow these care instructions. Hand wash the costume in cold water using mild detergent, then let it air dry. Avoid bleaching, ironing, or machine washing, as these may damage the fabric and colours. With proper care, your costume will continue to spread peace and love at every event.

Theme Ideas:

Transport yourself to the vibrant era of the 60s with this Summer of Love costume. Perfect for themed parties, this ensemble allows you to embody the free-spirited attitude and colourful fashion of the flower power generation. Whether you're attending a 60s-themed event, a retro party, or simply want to spread positive vibes, this costume is your ticket to a groovy time.

Story Behind the Theme:

The Summer of Love costume pays homage to the iconic counterculture movement of the 1960s, known for its embrace of peace, love, and individual freedom. It represents a time of social and cultural revolution, with music, fashion, and art playing a significant role in expressing the ideals of the era. This costume captures the essence of the flower power generation and allows you to relive the spirit of unity and joy that defined the 60s.

Don't Miss Out:

Get ready to spread the love and dance to the rhythm of the 60s with this fabulous Summer of Love costume. Embrace the carefree spirit of the flower power generation and make a bold fashion statement at your next event. Don't miss out on the chance to transport yourself to a bygone era. Shop now at www.xs-stock.co.uk and let the Summer of Love inspire your next adventure.