Womens Little Red Riding Hooded Cape Halloween Costume One Size

Womens Little Red Riding Hooded Cape Halloween Costume


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Product Highlights:

Step into the enchanting world of fairytales with this Short Red Hooded Cape from Wicked Costumes Ltd. Embody the beloved character of Little Red Riding Hood and embark on a thrilling adventure to visit Grandma while keeping an eye out for the Big Bad Wolf. This vibrant red cape is the perfect accessory to complete your fairytale costume and bring the storybook character to life.

What's Included?:

The Short Red Hooded Cape includes:

  • Vibrant red cape: This short cape features a vibrant shade of red, reminiscent of the iconic garment worn by Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Hood with tie fastening: The cape is designed with a hood that can be secured with a tie fastening at the neck, adding an authentic touch to your fairytale look.

Please note that other accessories and garments shown in the image are not included. The cape is the main item included in this product.

Costume Description:

  • Design: The Short Red Hooded Cape is designed to emulate the iconic garment worn by Little Red Riding Hood in the beloved fairytale. The bright red colour and hood with tie fastening capture the essence of this classic character, allowing you to bring her to life.
  • Material: The cape is made from high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability throughout your costume wearing.
  • Size: The cape is available in one size, designed to fit most adults.

Care Instructions:

To keep your Short Red Hooded Cape in excellent condition, follow these care instructions:

  • Hand wash the cape using cold water and a mild detergent.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water without wringing or twisting the fabric.
  • Hang the cape to air dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Avoid ironing or exposing the cape to direct heat.

Theme Ideas:

The Short Red Hooded Cape is a versatile accessory that complements various themes and occasions, including:

  • Fancy dress parties: Complete your Little Red Riding Hood costume with this cape and stand out at any fancy dress event.
  • Halloween celebrations: Add a touch of enchantment to your Halloween ensemble by incorporating the cape into your costume.
  • Theatre productions: Enhance your theatrical performance by using the cape to portray characters from fairytale-themed shows or productions.
  • Charity events and fundraisers: Make a memorable entrance at charity events and fundraisers by dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood with this essential cape.

Story Behind the Theme:

The Short Red Hooded Cape is inspired by the timeless fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood. This classic tale follows the journey of a young girl as she ventures into the forest to visit her grandmother, encountering the cunning Big Bad Wolf along the way. The red cape worn by Little Red Riding Hood has become an iconic symbol of innocence, adventure, and courage, capturing the imaginations of readers and audiences for generations.

Don't Miss Out:

Complete your fairytale transformation and bring the beloved character of Little Red Riding Hood to life with the Short Red Hooded Cape. Whether it's a fancy dress party, Halloween celebration, theatre production, or charity event, this vibrant cape is a must-have accessory for any Little Red Riding Hood costume. Visit www.xs-stock.co.uk now to add the Short Red Hooded Cape to your collection and embark on an enchanting fairytale adventure!