Womens Flower Power Hippie Trousers Halloween Costume L (UK 18-20)

Womens Flower Power Hippie Trousers Halloween Costume


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Product Highlights:

Step back in time and embrace the spirit of the 60s with these amazing Hippie Pants from Wicked Costumes Ltd. These vibrant and colourful pants are the perfect addition to any hippie-themed outfit, allowing you to express your inner flower child and spread the love wherever you go. With their comfortable stretchy fabric and flared legs, you'll feel groovy and ready to dance to the rhythm of the era.

What's Included?:

  • One pair of Hippie Pants (trousers)

Costume Description:

The Hippie Pants from Wicked Costumes Ltd are designed to transport you back to the free-spirited days of the 60s. Made from stretchy fabric, these pants provide a comfortable and flexible fit. The flared legs add a touch of authenticity to your hippie look, while the vibrant and colourful patterns capture the essence of the flower power era. These pants feature an elasticated waistband for a secure and adjustable fit, making them suitable for various body types.

Care Instructions:

To keep your Hippie Pants in top condition, follow these care instructions:

  • Hand wash the pants in cold water using a mild detergent.
  • Avoid bleach or harsh chemicals that may damage the colours.
  • Hang or lay flat to dry.
  • Iron on low heat if necessary, using a cloth between the iron and the fabric to protect the print.

Theme Ideas:

The Hippie Pants from Wicked Costumes Ltd can be worn for various occasions and themed parties:

  • Hippie Gatherings: These pants are perfect for hippie-themed parties, festivals, or gatherings where you want to embrace the spirit of peace, love, and freedom.
  • Retro Events: Add a groovy touch to retro-themed parties, the 60s or 70s events, or decade-themed celebrations, transporting yourself and others back to the iconic era of flower power.
  • Halloween Hippies: Create a unique and vibrant hippie-inspired Halloween costume by pairing the pants with a tie-dye shirt, peace sign accessories, and a headband for a colourful and authentic look.

Story Behind the Theme:

The Hippie Pants represent the fashion and ideals of the counterculture movement that emerged in the 1960s. Inspired by the desire for peace, love, and freedom, hippies embraced nonconformity and rejected mainstream values. Their clothing reflected their bohemian lifestyle, characterized by vibrant colours, psychedelic patterns, and a relaxed, free-spirited aesthetic. The Hippie Pants pay homage to this iconic era, allowing wearers to embrace the spirit of the flower child and express their individuality.

Don't Miss Out:

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