1 Litre of Heavy Duty Car Wash from Armor All to clean tough dirt and grime from your car or van and leave it shining
Man using Armor All heavy duty car wash to clean a car

Heavy Duty Car Wash Dual Action Liquid Clean Shine 1 Litre


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You wouldn't use household soap to clean your hair would you? Of course not. It's not effective for hair. Or cars.

Armor All Heavy Duty Car Wash is specially designed for your car.

It's the ideal product for cars that need an extra powerful wash. It can be applied neat to pre-treat particularly stubborn areas such as tar, insects and tree-sap, and can be diluted to provide a foaming, deep cleansing wash.

This heavy duty, cold water formula is tough on stubborn dirt, but is gentle on your car's paintwork.

• Combines a deep-cleaning car wash with a safe and effective tar and bug remover
• Is formulated for tough action on stubborn dirt even in cold water
• Is safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats
• Won't strip wax or leave soapy residue
• 1 Litre concentrate

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