Easily remove bug splatter from your car or van with this Tub of 30 bug wipes with powerful cleaning formula

Bug Wipes Car Exterior Powerful Formula Clean Pack of 30


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Armor All Bug Wipes are the quick and easy way to remove tough stains from your car’s exterior. The unique formulation is effective on a wide range of stubborn stains, including bugs, tree sap, tar, traffic film, brake dust and bird droppings.

Moisture sealed for extra freshness. Smart Seal 'Twist & Lock' Lid

• Powerful formula for spot cleaning
• For bugs, tree sap, brake dust and bird droppings
• Safe for all exterior surfaces including clear coats
• No greasy residue on your hands
• Easy to use and dispose of
• Ideal for use in your car or home
• Extra strength wipes. 30 per tub

Please note: Not for use on clear plastic or Plexiglas® surfaces, fabric or woven materials. Not for personal cleansing

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