Refresh your car odour eliminator 2 in 1 vent clip and pump spray in grey
Back of the pack of Refresh your car air freshener

2-in-1 Fresh Linen Vent Clip & Pump Spray Car Air Freshener


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Product Description:

Help eliminate stale odours in your car with this 2-in-1 Vent Clip and Pump Spray. Simply attach the clip to the pump spray, clip onto your air vent in the car and when the air blowers are on, the fragrance of Fresh Linen will fill your vehicle's interior. For an additional boost of scent, squeeze the top and bottom of the pump spray to dispense extra fragrance. The Vent Clip and Pump Spray will last up to 100 days. Fits most types of vehicle air vents. Can also be used on the air conditioning vents in your home or office.


• Vent clip-on air freshener for your vehicle
• Additional pump spray for a fragrance boost
• Fresh Linen scent to help eliminate odours
• 2-in-1 unit will last up to 100 days
• Sleek and modern design for your car
• Size: W2.2 x H8 x D3cm (excludes clip)
• Ideal for use in vehicle, home or office air conditioner vents

Additional Information:

The unit will last for up to 20 days on low and under ambient conditions, combined with 80 days at one pump per day

Warning: may cause an allergic skin reaction. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects