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Cotton Barrier Doormat Machine Washable Large Non-Slip Floor Mat

SKU: XS4872_Master

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”Absorbs mud and water like magic!”

This Micro-Pro barrier mat absorbs mud and water like magic!

The surface of this mat is soft to the touch and made from millions of super absorbent fibres. These fibres have been specially designed to trap dirt and water.

So when this door mat comes in contact with muddy footwear or even your pet’s dirty wet paws. It instantly starts to soak up all the mud and water. Removing it, just like magic!

"Just step to clean…”

All you have to do is step on the mat to clean mud and water from the soles of your shoes, wellington boots or rain-soaked running trainers. There’s no need to spend 5 minutes wiping your feet before you dare move from the mat for fear of messing up your flooring.

This barrier mat is practical and will fit perfectly in to the daily coming and goings of your home. Protecting your flooring has never been easier. It’s an essential for every household.

"A household essential for messy kids.”

Perfect for absent-minded teenagers who forget to wipe their dirty feet when the come home after school. Ideal for kids who love playing outside and splashing in puddles before dinner. Or kids with dirty football boots and kit bags.

What's not to love? Your kids will appreciate not getting told off for making a mess. And you'll feel better because you haven't yelled at them.

"Perfect for pets too!”

I guarantee your furry friends won’t complain about this mat becoming an addition to your home either. It will soak up water and mud from their little paws with ease.

When they come inside after their walk or playing in the garden you’ll find the usual mess is reduced. Just with the simple addition of this barrier mat.

You may even find your cat or dog will take a shine to your new door mat and make it their favourite new sleeping spot. Forcing you to buy them a mat of their own!

For pets, place this mat on the floor under the cat flap. Or at the front door, next to their bed or even under their food and water bowls for maximum benefit. It’ll keep areas where they make the most mess on your flooring clean.

"Gardeners will love this mat.”

If you're green fingered and enjoy gardening you'll love this mat. Place your muddy wellies and tools on the mat as you enter the house after working in the garden.

It'll really help keep the mud and dirt to a minimum and stop it being trailed through your entire house.

"Your brand new carpet ruined.”

Imagine this. You’ve paid a small fortune for a beautiful new hallway carpet. It’s fluffy texture and light cream colour reminds you of white clouds and candy floss at the fun fair.

Your new carpet has just been laid by the friendly carpet fitter and is looking gorgeous. It looks just how you imagined it would. So good in fact, you start to wonder whether you should make a career move and become an interior designer.

You’re feeling quite accomplished. You’re daydreaming about accepting your award for interior design. (George Clooney is presenting it to you by the way). You turn your back for a split second...


Your kids burst through the front door with rain water dripping from their coats. There’s mud on their school shoes.

Before you know it they’re standing on your brand new carpet. Their soaking wet bags and jackets have been dropped at their feet.

You wonder why you bother trying to have nice things.

This is an extreme story but does it sound even a little familiar? The damage could have been minimised with a few of these highly absorbent barrier mats.

"Barrier mats will protect any type of flooring.”

They are a great solution for high traffic entrances. They'll keep the worst of the mud, water and mess off any type of flooring in your home.

They’ll protect carpets, tiles and linoleum and hardwood floors. Keeping them clean and dry no matter what kind of weather is forecast. Sleet, snow, rain or sunshine, these mats will have you covered.

"It has a non-slip rubber backing.”

Another important feature of these barrier mats is their black, non-slip rubber backing. This stops them from slipping and moving around on any surface. That’s so important when you have kids and pets running around at home.

The non-slip backing will help prevent accidents caused by slippy mats with no grip to the floor.

You can place this barrier mat indoors at the front door, back door or in your porch or hallway to welcome guests. It’ll absorb water from coats, jackets, shopping bags and umbrellas as well as footwear.

It can be a good idea to place shoes and muddy boots on one of these mats as you enter the house too.

"Use barrier mats anywhere in your home.”

But Micro-Pro barrier mats can be used anywhere in your home and even in your car or van. They’re so much more than a welcome door mat.

Use your mat in the kitchen to catch stray drips from the kitchen sink. Place it at any doorway to stop water and dirt being trailed through from one room in your home to another.

Keep a mat in the boot of your car to protect the interior from muddy work boots, raincoats, toolboxes or your soggy dog after a wet walk in the rain.

You really can use this mat anywhere. And the uses are endless. If you have a place where mud, dirt and water need to be absorbed and kept to a minimum then you need to grab yourself one of these indoor barrier mats now!

"That’s easy. They’re machine washable.”

And what’s more, these barrier mats are fully machine washable. Bonus! When they get dirty just lift them and throw them in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Easy.

"Available in 4 neutral colours to suit your décor.”

Micro-Pro barrier mats are available in 4 neutral colours – black/white, dark grey, light brown or stone. The flecked surface colour helps camouflage dirt and water marks. That means they’ll look good for longer before they need washed.

"Mats measure 70cm x 45cm. Only 0.8cm thick too.”

Each barrier mat measures 70cm x 45cm and is only 0.8cm thick. So they’re less likely to become a tripping hazard like other thick, bulky doormats and floor mats.

The mat surface fibres are made from 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The black, non-slip backing is made from 100% rubber.

Please note this barrier mat is suitable for indoor use only.