Moving house: Tips for sustainable home furnishing

If you're currently moving house and are planning to decorate your new home with sustainable furnishings, follow these tips!

Moving house? Start buying sustainable home furnishing!

Our top tips for purchasing sustainable products when moving include the following.

1. Cut down on single use plastic

When shopping for groceries, avoid products with single-use plastic and purchase glass jars and food storage containers to store your food instead. This will not only encourage you to shop more sustainably but will also help keep your food fresher for longer. Try to also stock your kitchen with either reusable or sustainable products, such as recyclable straws, rather than single-use plastic straws which are harmful to the environment.

2. Look for sustainable materials

Sustainable materials are materials that can be reproduced in equal volumes to their depletion, for example, wood. This is due to the fact that trees can be replanted as they are cut down. When looking for furniture for your new home, try to include sustainable materials. For example, instead of looking for plastic garden furniture, opt for a wooden set.

3. Choose for recycled materials

Where possible, buy products made of recycled materials. Before moving house, it may be beneficial to make a list of all the home furnishings you need. Once your list is complete you can identify which products you may be able to purchase made from recycled materials. Commonly recycled materials include glass, steel, paper, textiles and wood.

4. Shop pre-loved

Buying pre-loved or second-hand furnishings is not only a great way to fill your home with sustainable items but is also a useful way to find high-quality furnishings for significantly less than their original price. After your move, look at online selling groups or visit local second-hand and charity shops to see if you can find any pre-loved items that will suit your home. If you enjoy crafts and DIY, you could purchase broken or damaged furniture and restore it to give it a new, stylish lease of life! If you're looking for more tips for finding and sourcing sustainable furnishings when moving into a new house, get in touch with the team at XS Stock. We have an extremely wide range of furnishing options both in our store and in our warehouse so we're sure to have the items you require.