Mothers Naturally Black Exterior Trim Plastic Restorer 355ml

Mothers Naturally Black Exterior Trim Plastic Restorer 355ml


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You love and protect your skin. If you could stop the signs or ageing I'm sure you would. What about your car?

You can.

As your car ages, the exterior vinyl, rubber and plastic trim can become dry, cracked and deteriorate. You can restore and prevent any further damage by using this Naturally Black Trim & Plastic Restorer from Mothers.

• Cleans, restores and protects
• Suitable for exterior plastic, rubber or vinyl of any colour
• Easy and effective
• 355ml ready to use liquid

It removes light oxidation, dirt, wax residue and surface film with ease. It brings back the colour of exterior trim and protects against further deterioration. This Trim & Plastic Restorer can be used on any unpainted, smooth or textured exterior hardware. Bumpers, mudguards, mirror housings, wiper arms, running boards and anything that is plastic, rubber or vinyl. Of any colour. Not for use on glossy plastic or painted surfaces.

Protect your car from the sun, smog, ozone, chemicals and airborne contaminants. Make this Trim & Plastic Restorer an essential piece of your car care kit and keep the exterior trim and plastic looking like it rolled out the showroom.