World Book Day 2024: A Celebration of Literature and Joy in Reading

Embracing the Magic of Books: Thursday, 7th March 2024

The annual celebration of World Book Day on Thursday, 7th March 2024, is a momentous occasion for all who cherish literature. The National Literacy Trust gleefully joins hands with World Book Day, the charitable organisation dedicated to promoting reading for pleasure, to bring this delightful event to life.

The Power of Reading: More Than Just a Hobby

Reading isn't merely a pastime; it's a journey through worlds unknown, an exploration of the human spirit. World Book Day 2024 aims to underscore this, nurturing a love for reading that transcends the confines of a single day.

The Great Big Footy & Booky Quiz

Mark your calendars for an exciting, free online quiz event on the morning of World Book Day. Geared towards pupils aged 8 to 12, this 30-minute interactive quiz, with football and reading-themed rounds, promises to be a lively and educational experience.

Teaching Resources: Cultivating a Reading Culture

Schools can access a plethora of resources for World Book Day:

  • Book Choice Bistro: A unique event to help pupils explore and discover new books, including guides, presentations, and book menus.
  • Celebration Ideas: Engaging activities that emphasize pupil choice in reading.
  • Top Hats and Potato Characters: Creative ideas for classrooms to celebrate favourite characters and stories without the pressure of costumes.

Engaging Families in Reading

A key component of World Book Day is parental involvement. The National Literacy Trust, in partnership with World Book Day and other organizations, offers webinars and resources to help parents engage with their children's reading journey.

Costume Ideas for World Book Day

Costumes can add a fun, immersive element to World Book Day celebrations. is an excellent resource for finding affordable, high-quality costumes inspired by beloved book characters. From enchanting fairy tale figures to adventurous superheroes, has a diverse range of costumes to make World Book Day unforgettable for children.


More Resources for Storytelling and Reading Pleasure

  • National Storytelling Week Resources: Ideas to develop speaking and listening skills through storytelling.
  • Supporting Early Years Storytelling: Engage young children in the art of storytelling.
  • Choosing Books Animation: A fun guide for children to help them select books they'll love.

Premium Resources for Schools

The National Literacy Trust offers comprehensive resources for primary and secondary schools to develop a whole-school reading environment. Additionally, a directory of authors and storytellers is available for planning school visits, which can profoundly impact students' reading and writing engagement.

World Book Day for Families

The Words for Life website offers a treasure trove of activities for families to enjoy reading together. Engaging in these activities can help children develop a lifelong love of reading.

Research: The Impact of World Book Day

The National Literacy Trust's research highlights the significant positive impact of World Book Day on children's reading habits, particularly in fostering book ownership and diverse reading experiences.

Discover More About World Book Day

For more information and resources, visit the World Book Day website. You can also explore the 2024 list of £1 World Book Day books and share your passion for reading within your communities.