The Perfect Self-Care Sunday (or Monday)

It's no secret that something as simple as a day of pampering can be highly beneficial for our mental health, and yet, we still don't do it nearly enough! Instead, we just keep moving forward, telling ourselves we'll rest when we get a few days off work, or when the kids are away for the night.

But life somehow always manages to disrupt our plans, and we're left feeling frustrated and burned out.. There's really no need for this. Having just one pamper day each month allows us to take a break, and focus on our mental health which makes us happier and more resilient people. Sound good? 

We're scheduling our self-care days for the last Sunday of each month. Read on for our tips on achieving the perfect pamper day at home. 

Comfy Clothes

Maybe it's a pair of your favourite pyjamas, or a floaty dress. Whatever you have in mind, the point is to avoid any discomfort whatsoever, so make sure it's loose fitting. Same goes with your feet, now is not the time to break in new shoes - opt for a pair of dreamy slippers instead.


Skip the News

For most of us, checking the news on our phone is one of the first things we do each morning, and with a quick scan right now - I can confirm that the majority of articles are mostly negative, and fill me with dread! Not exactly the best way to get going in the morning; avoiding this part of your routine for today can only be a positive thing! Why not replace it with a quick search on youtube for 'cute animals'.

Make your Favourite Breakfast

We're all a little too familiar with breakfast on the go, or choosing meals based on how quickly they can be served. Today, take pleasure in the process of creating your absolute favourite. A Full English? YES PLEASE. 

Light a Candle 

Close the curtains, get out your favourite blanket and light a candle to help create the perfect sense of comfort. You know that 'special' one that you use for display purposes? It was created especially for days like today. Enjoy it! 

Wear a Face Mask


Perfect for adding some hydration into the skin, reducing signs of ageing, and drawing out impurities - face masks are everything. Use the suggested 20 minutes or so wisely - read your favourite book chapter, or declutter a cupboard in the kitchen. 

Listen to your Favourite Music

We all have that go-to playlist stored on one of our devices somewhere, but how often do we actually go to it? Make a point of listening to your all time favourites, reminisce back to the events & people the songs remind you off or just have a good dance session around the living room! 

Have a Bath 

This one was obviously going to be featured on the list. Run a bubble bath with nice warm water and soak in it for a while - letting your troubles float away. Bliss! Once you're done, why not use all those beauty products to actually give yourself a full body moisturise. I bet it's been a while. 

Take a Nap

A real luxury. Recent studies show napping 2-3 times per week can be good for your heart health, so you really don't need any further convincing. 10-30 minutes is ideal if you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go, any longer and you may feel a little groggy upon waking, but it's entirely up to you! 

Write Down 5 things you're Grateful for

It doesn't have to be ground-breaking, but simply noting down the things you are thankful for in your life naturally makes you a more positive person - this is science backed too, so don't just take my word for it. If you do this every Sunday, by the end of the year you'll have a total of 60 things to be grateful for, which is a pretty great position to be in. 

Buy yourself some Flowers

Flowers are typically something bought for us as a gift or for a special occasion. But why wait? Flowers in the home have so many benefits, they calm you down, they brighten up spaces, and they smell great too. Generally, flowers cheer you up, so why would you not treat yourself every now & then. Maybe you've achieved something important recently and want to congratulate yourself, or maybe it's a 'just because' situation!


That's our top tips for a perfect pamper day at home - we hope you enjoy them, and make self-care days a regular routine in your life, promise it's worth it.. And remember, a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content!

What's your idea of the perfect self-care day? Tag us on instagram @xsstockcom & let us know what your Sunday's look like.