Our Top Ten TV Shows & Movies to watch when Bored.

We are all doing our part by staying at home to avoid the spread of Covid-19, and to help save as many lives as possible. This is amazing, of course, but, if you're not used to it - it can be quite difficult finding things to fill your time. 

Once you've been for a walk and done the dishes, you might find yourself struggling for ideas. So, we thought, we would share our top ten favourite TV shows & movies, that you can watch right now! 

Grab a blanket, some popcorn, and get nice and cosy on the sofa.

1. Friends (1994) Ages 14+

Obviously, we had to start with the greatest TV show of all time. 

It never gets old, it definitely brightens up your day, and it's suitable for the majority of the family. (a quick google search suggests ages 14+)

There are 236 episodes in total, so it's prime binge material, and each episode is funnier than the last (but you knew that, right?!) "The One with Ross' Tan" has got to be our favourite.

It's available on UK Netflix right now, and it also airs on Channel 5 and Comedy Central each day. So, if you were ever looking for an excuse to watch all episodes, back-to-back, then this is absolutely it! 


2. Atypical (2017) Ages 12+

Exclusive to Netflix, Atypical is a heart-warming comedy/drama, following the life of autistic teenager Sam Gardner. 

Craving independence, he's excited to find love and graduate high-school and we thoroughly enjoy watching him doing so. The rest of his family; realistic and likeable - face their own challenges and struggles too.. There's a real love/hate relationship with the majority of the characters, but it will definitely brighten up dinner time. 

There's currently 3 seasons ready to watch, and the 4th will be released this year. Get excited! 


3.Spinning Out (2020) Ages 15+


New to Netflix in 2020, Spinning Out is a drama series set in the world of competitive figure skating. Kat Baker (Kaya Scodelario) tries to insert herself back into the competition after a serious injury, whilst also struggling to balance love, family & her deteriorating mental health. At times, hard to watch, but with well developed characters and interesting plots, we were disappointed to learn Netflix won't be picking it up for a second season.. But, we have complete faith that someone else will! There's 10 episodes, so spread out, you've got at least a week of viewing pleasure. 

P.S Get excited for the cameo from Queer Eye's Jonathon Van Ness.


4. Schitt'$ Creek (2015) Ages 15+

Awkward, and hilarious. It might take a few episodes to get used to the overall tone of Schitt'$ Creek, but it's absolutely worth it when you do. A wealthy family suddenly go bankrupt, and are forced to live in an ugly small town that they once bought as a joke. A hilarious plot, very well written, and big on-screen talent make this one of our all-time favourite shows! 

There's currently 5 seasons to watch on Netflix right now (lucky you) and the 6th season will air in May 2020.

5. Hollyoaks (1995) Ages 15+

On Channel 4, Monday - Friday, there's really no better option to fill your time, and if you've not watched it for a while - don't worry - give it a week, and the magic of soap opera will have you completely hooked, yet again! In March 2020, the cast have portrayed issues such as; depression, bereavement, sexuality and peer pressure. It highlights so many modern day challenges, and keeps viewers hooked with likeable characters, realistic relationships and the occasional Whodunit. 

You also have the option to switch to E4 for a first look at the next episode. (We always do!)

6. La La Land (2016) Ages 12A

Also on Netflix, (it might we worth subscribing) La La Land is essential viewing to lift your mood. A romantic musical/comedy/drama - it follows aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) & jazz pianist Seb (Ryan Gosling), as they struggle to make their dreams become a reality in Hollywood. Lots of sound and colour, it's nostalgic of retro Hollywood - a complete joy to sit through.

Even if you're not the biggest musical fan, we can almost guarantee you will love this!  


7. The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) Ages 4+

The much anticipated sequel is premiering on Sky Movies right now! Picking up where the original (2016) left off, the sequel centres on an adorable terrier named Max, who now faces new fears and challenges when his owner Katie welcomes a new baby. With some new super cute (!) characters, and a few rescue missions added into the mix, this film will absolutely appeal to a younger audience.

8. Marriage Story (2019) Ages 15+

Exclusive to Netflix, Marriage Story follows a stage director (Adam Driver) and his actor wife (Scarlett Johansson), as they struggle to cope with the awful process of divorce. Portraying both sides of the relationships downfall, the well developed characters are pushed to the extreme, making this a raw and highly emotional watch. By the end though, you're rooting for both to find happiness, despite all the pain that's been caused. With a 2 hour 17 minute run time, it's the perfect late night, or weekend choice. But do keep some tissues close by!

9. Detective Pikachu (2019) PG Rating

Currently available to buy on Google Play & Youtube, Detective Pikachu is a mystery/comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, and enjoyable for everyone - even those who aren't fans of Pokemon. The story follows 21-year old Tim, who tires to untangle the mystery of what happened to his father, and why he mysteriously went missing. As Tim is the only human who can communicate with Pikachu, they decide to work on the case together. Funny, and extremely cute, it's one the entire family can get behind. 

10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) Ages 18+

Saving the best until last! If you're a fan of Quentin Tarantino, we think this might just be his best yet. The story unfolds in Los Angeles 1969. Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) are both struggling to make it in a Hollywood they don't really recognise anymore. With a proper narrative, the film is perfectly paced, surprisingly funny, and one you'll want to watch time and time again. Oh, and Rick's next door neighbour is Sharon Tate! 

Available to buy on Youtube, Google Play, Sky Movies & Amazon Prime. Enjoy