How to Make your Home more Eco-Friendly in 2022

In 2022, many households are set to install solar panels and other advanced technology to become more eco-friendly. Although you can save money in the long run by taking these steps, the upfront costs can be quite high, and won't be possible for everyone quite yet. In the mean time though, there are still many much simpler and smaller ways to help you achieve an eco-friendly home and bring down your CO2 emissions. Read on for our top tips.
Switch to Eco Friendly Cleaning Products
The majority of mainstream cleaning products are produced with harmful ingredients, so right now when you do the laundry or clean the house, the products you use may be damaging the planet. Switching to products that contain no synthetic ingredients is a great & simple way to become more eco-friendly. These types of products are becoming more commonplace in the supermarket, but there's also many alternatives online including convenient subscription services.
Skip the Dryer
Drying your clothes in the tumble-dryer takes a huge amount of energy, so make a note to avoid doing this where possible. Instead, you could invest in an air drier and situate it in the home where you get the most sunlight. If your garden space doesn't allow for a washing line, simply use this outside during spring & summer too. There's nothing better than air-dried clothes, and they will last longer too!
Use Environmentally Friendly Shampoo
Similar to cleaning products, most shampoo and conditioner types contain harmful ingredients that when washed down the drain, end up in the ocean & create a toxic environment for nature. Aim to avoid this if your goal is to become more eco-friendly. Instead, opt for non-synthetic ingredients, or even better have a look around for soap and conditioner bars and cut back on your plastic waste too.
Buy Products that are Biodegradable
Although we always hope the products we dispose of will be recycled and reused, we can't really control or confirm this. We can however, choose to buy products that are biodegradable - these products dissolve when they come into contact with bacteria which means they won't cause any environmental harm. Essentially they disappear when they come into contact with nature! There are many biodegradable options available at the moment including; toothbrushes, cotton buds, make-up wipes, cleaning cloths & most recently, we've even see biodegradable breakfast & lunch bowls.
Eat Less Meat
Meat and dairy are responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture industry, and occur at each stage of the production process. We're not suggesting you go vegan quite yet, but simply cutting back on your meat intake can be the move that makes the biggest impact. You could start by giving Meet Free Monday's a go! There's many great alternatives on the market now too, with McDonalds, KFC & Burger King offering plant based burgers. You might even be surprised at the similarities.
Use a Reusable Water Bottle
You've probably heard this one before and maybe you've even already taken steps to reduce your impact. The key here though, is to invest in a water bottle that is not only reusable, but is the right size for you, so you will be able to use it wherever you go for a long time. 
Our latest range of water bottles are made from a Tritan material - this is the safest plastic in the world and it lasts for a very long time. We offer them in sets of 2 or 3, the perfect choice for kitting out everyone in the family. 
Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs
Energy efficient light bulbs have been available for a good number of years now, but have only really started to gain popularity in recent times. Switching now can help you save on electricity as well as becoming more environmentally friendly. Some current options on the market even claim to have a life span of up to 15 years, impressive! 
Have you tried any of these yet? The XS community would love to hear more tips and advice, share them with us  here.