How To | Autumn Layering

When the weather turns chilly it can be difficult to keep yourself looking glamorous while staying wrapped up. 
Even when you finally get your Autumn look down to a fine art, it’s hard to make sure your outfit suits the ever changing weather. If this isn’t bad enough, moving from environment to environment can mean that you’re on a constant roller coaster from hot to cold.
If all of these sound like a typical Autumn day for you then you can relax because I’ve found us the answer – layering! In theory this should be simple – you’re just piling on clothes until you feel super toasty, right?
When done incorrectly layering can leave you feeling bulky and heavy. If done correctly it's comfortable and fashionable and allows you the luxury of being able to remove and add layers as you like to suit your surroundings.
The trick is to make it look as though you’re not wearing your full wardrobe at once.
There are a few steps you can take to layer correctly…
Start with a light top.
Lower layers in your stack of clothes should be well fitted as this will help you feel slim and allows you to make the above layers as baggy as you like.
This also means that there is virtually no chance of you feeling too warm at any point throughout your day.
Leggings are your best friend.
I’m not ashamed to admit that leggings are a wardrobe staple for me all year round but they definitely make me feel my best when the weather starts to turn sour.
The beauty of leggings is that you can wear them with physically anything! Winter-up your favourite summer dresses or playsuits, use them as a warmer alternative to tights under a skirt or wear them with a baggy jumper. I’ve even been known to wear them under my jeans on extra frosty days!
Throw on your favourite jumper.
Thanks to your tighter layers below, you can now make use of some of your favourite cardigans! Oversized jumpers will look great with your leggings. If you want to mix things up, try a poncho or a stylish body wrap.
Don’t forget your feet!
It’s hard to make large fluffy socks look out of place while you’re rocking a layered look. When wearing boots, you can let the socks peek over the top to give your outfit a nice winter look. This would look particularly good with turned up jeans.
Add your favourite jacket.
This can be near enough any jacket in your wardrobe!
From your best dress coat to a bomber, adding a jacket on top of your baggy jumper will really bring your casual layered look together.
Who could forget your scarf?
It wouldn’t be much fun if your favourite scarf wasn’t involved, would it?
From sleek and sheer to something wintery, you can choose any style of scarf to match your look for that day.
Don’t forget to accessorise!
You can use any length of necklace, earrings or a chunky watch to complete your look.
A favourite trick of mine is to wrap a belt around my jumper to pull my waistline in, removing any risk of my jumper looking lumpy. The best thing about layering is that you don’t need to play it safe! Mix and match styles and textures between layers – not only will this look amazing but it also gives you a chance to make use of clothes at the back of your wardrobe you thought you’d never get to wear again!
What’s your favourite Autumn fashion tips? Share them with us here!