10 Fun and Worthwhile Things to do in the Garden this Summer

Once you've got your garden all tidied up, and congratulated yourself on a job well done; (it looks great!) you might find yourself struggling to fill up your time. Reading a book, toasting marshmallows and enjoying a glass of wine are obvious (& fun) ways to pass the hours, but it's only a matter of time before you get bored and head back to Netflix on the sofa. Here's 10 fun & absolutely worthwhile ideas to try this summer.. Enjoy! 

1. Create a wild crown. 

Daisy chains, twigs, leaves, flowers - there's so many stylistic options for your crown. Set aside a full day to search for 'accessories' and then create your masterpiece. All you need to get started is some craft wire or an old headband, and the rest you'll find in the garden. You could even use your favourite TV characters as inspiration! 

2. Camp out in the garden. 

This one, the kids will absolutely love, and it's a night you can look back on a cherish forever.. Light the fire pit, toast some marshmallows, watch a movie, and tell a few spooky stories before bedtime. It's also the perfect time to teach the kids how to set up a tent, provided of course, that you already know how to do that...

3. Paint your front door.

A really simple way to completely transform the appearance of your house, and we're betting you probably already have your favourite colour stashed away somewhere too!  

4. Create your own mini golf course. 

Fun for the entire family, and a good problem solving activity too. It's best to sit down and design your course first - iron out all the logistics, and then you can get to work on the real thing. Tin cans, toilet paper cardboard, plastic bottles/cups, books (for ramps), and sticky tape are all essential items, but you can probably incorporate just about anything into your course. The more obstacles, the better! 

5. Turn your shed into a liveable space. 

Bean bags, posters on the wall, a TV.. Basically everything that's in your bedroom, but move into the garden shed. It really is much more magical. Don't forget about the fairy lights! 

6. Make fat balls for birds.

A fun activity for you and the kids, fat balls are high energy food and the perfect treat all year round. The kids will also love watching for new visitors. 


7. Update terracotta pots. 

If you've had your terracotta pots for a while, there's a good chance they're no longer looking their best. A little make-over is a fun way to get creative in the garden. Old paint & coloured pens is a simple place to start, but there's so many amazing ideas online if you want to take it a little more seriously. Check out this video tutorial for an easy glitter based idea.

8. Moss graffiti your wall.

A new trend that turns something we usually hate, into something that's completely admired.. Inspirational quotes, animals, patterns - there's so many things you can do to completely transform your exterior walls. 

To make graffiti moss, you will need: 

- A small handful of moss

- 2 cups of buttermilk

- 2 cups of water

- 1/2 tsp. sugar

& corn syrup.

9. Personalise your wellies. 

Easy, and fun for the whole family! All you'll need for this one is some coloured marker pens, and of course a pair of wellies. Keep it simple with your name, or go for an all-over design in your theme of choice!

10. Make decorative ice cubes.

Great for adding a summer touch to your favourite drink, and there's so many stylistic opportunities. We used edible flowers from the garden for our version, but you can also use different fruits, or your favourite sweets. The more colourful, the better!