The Zombie Fake Skin includes 1 bottle of liquid latex.

Zombie Fake Skin Scars Latex Halloween Horror Make Up


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Add some rotting dead skin special FX to your zombie costume with this brilliant Zombie skin makeup accessory!

This fantastic fake skin is ideal for creating torn peeling skin, wrinkles and scars.

This amazing product can be applied over or under make up and is perfect for creating that creepy Zombie look or old wrinkled effect.

Fake skin can also be used as an adhesive to attach sequins, theatrical hair, fake noses or other accessories to the skin.

Please note that this product contains natural rubber latex.

A small patch test is recommended before use in case of an allergic reaction. Z

ombie picture on the packaging is for general reference and inspiration.

Ideal for Halloween, fancy dress parties, theme nights, stag nights, hen nights, charity events and fundraisers. More great makeup kits in our online store, grab yours now while stocks last!

TOP TIPS: ZOMBIE SKIN To create Zombie-like skin apply face paint makeup to the face (available separately in our online store). Then apply fake skin directly over makeup. Allow to dry and repeat several times until you have built up a base. To make flaps of skin, tear a hole in the fake skin and peel. Dab red makeup onto the exposed surface for an extra gruesome look. WRINKLES To create a wrinkly old age effect work one area of the face at a time. Apply a single coat of fake skin and while it is still wet, cover the area with a single ply of facial tissue. Apply a top coat of fake skin, allow to dry and repeat.

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