ScentSicles Snowberry scented table decoration
Glass jar xmas table decoration
Decoration with paper scented inner
Metal lid allows decoration to stay fresh

ScentSicles Scented Table Ornament Bowl Decoration - Snow Berry Wreath


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Snowberry wreath scented table ornament by ScentSicles.

It's impossible not to feel festive with the sweet aromas of berries, evergreen, and spice filling your home.

• Glass bowl with metal lid
• Includes bag of fragranced paper filler
• Approx. 12cm diameter
• Up to 30 days of fragrance

These ornaments are the perfect addition to your home this Christmas time.

Each glass bowl has a diameter of approximately 12cm and a metal lid to keep the decorations scent fresh.

The filler is made from fragranced all-natural, biodegradable, recyclable paper that will keep its scent for up to 30 days.

These decorations work just like a candle but without the flame making them safe to use overnight and while you are away from home.

Place these ornaments at the centre of your table, hallway, bathroom or anywhere else in your home.


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