Kitchen soup ladle in black and red with measure marks in the bowl and loop on the handle for hanging
Side view of Kitchen soup ladle in black and red, which balances on the worktop
Detail view of the bowl of soup ladle with 2 measurement levels on the side

Mastrad Orka Ladle Kitchen Utensil Measured Soup Server 33cm


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Serve soup in perfect size portions every time!

Whether you're serving stew, soup or semolina, this Equilibra Ladle from the Mastrad Orka range of kitchen utensils will give you equal portions every time.

The bowl of the ladle is marked with 2 measures: 75ml and 150ml.

Ideal for portioning liquids and sauces at functions or dinner parties.

This ladle is heat resistant, perfectly balanced, easy to use and easy to clean.

• Black bowl with 75ml and 150ml measures
• Head and handle do not touch worktop
• Heat resistant to +220°C
• Black handle with hanging loop and red detail
• Overall length: 33cm
• Bowl depth: 5cm
• Stackable with other utensils in the Equilibra range (sold separately)
• Dishwasher safe

This Equilibra soup ladle will sit on your worktop without the head or handle touching the surface. It is perfectly balanced to prevent liquids from contaminating the handle.

The serving ladle is heat resistant to +220°C. Safe for use in most cooking methods

The lightweight Equilibra ladle is so easy to use, and clean. Simply pop in the dishwasher. Then hang up to store. Or stack with other Equilibra kitchen utensils in the range (sold separately)


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