3kg bag of Big K Lava Rocks for use on gas and electric barbecues

Big K Lava Rocks 3kg BBQ Fuel Gas Electric Barbecue Cook


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Good barbecue food needs a smoky barbecue taste!

These Lava Rocks from the Big K range are the perfect solution for gas and electric barbecues. Meat juices and fat dripping onto hot lava rocks below the grill evaporate, producing smoke. This helps to add a chargrilled flavour to your food. They also prevent flare-ups by absorbing fat. These genuine lava rocks produce cleaner cooking with efficient heat distribution. 3kg in a tough plastic bag

• Big K Lava Rocks
• For use only in gas and electric barbecues
• Cleaner cooking
• Efficient heat distribution
• Barbecue tasting food
• 3kg bag
• Use according to your gas or electric barbecue manufacturer's instructions

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