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Sexy Halloween Costumes

Knock 'em dead this Halloween with our latest range of sexy fancy dress costumes for women!

All of our sexier costumes have been designed with shorter hems, nipped in waists and cut outs to reveal a little extra flesh and show off your best assets.

We've got all your favourite fantasy characters under one roof including sexy school girls, hot nurses, bootcamp babes and cute cops.

Don't forget to visit our 'fancy dress accessories' section to find stockings, wigs and make up to finish the look.

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  • The womens Corporal Cutie costume includes dress, belt and hat.

    Womens Corporal Cutie Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Get armed and dangerous in this Corporal Cutie costume! Features a short, camouflage print dress with matching hat. Costumes is completed with a belt. Please note that the tights, boots and toy gun are NOT included. This ladies Corporal Cutie costume is...

  • The Sexy Nun costume includes dress, headpiece and cross.

    Womens Sexy Nun Fancy Dress Habit Convent Sister Costume


    Nuns are normally known for being polite members of a religious community who try to do good in the world. This Nun Costume is a sexy take on the classic nun. This nun costume features a black dress with long sleeves. This costume also includes a...

  • The Hot Hostess costume includes body suit with tails, cuffs, ears and bunny tail.

    Hot Hostess Womens Play Bunny Role Play Fancy Dress costume


    If you're planning on being the centre of attention when hosting your next party, then this captivating Hot Hostess Bunny Costume is the ideal outfit for you. The flirtatious design of this costume will transform you into a ravishing rabbit ready to be...

  • The Constable Cutie costume includes shirt, skirt, neck tie, belt and hat.

    Womens Constable Cutie Fancy Dress Police Role Play Costume


    Hunt down all the bad boy boys at the party and nab em in style with this Constable Cutie costume! With a short skirt with coordinating accessories, you'll be transformed into a seductive cop ready to lay down some law and order. This Constable Cutie...

  • The womens Jailbird Cutie costume includes dress and hat.

    Womens Jailbird Cutie Budget Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Serve some party time as a stylish convict with this Jailbird Cutie costume. Make a conviction as a jailbird, plan a prison break, escape from the chain gang and get everyone dancin' to Jailhouse Rock! This cute costume features a black and white...

  • The Sexy Head Nurse costume incudes dress and headpiece.

    Womens Sexy Head Nurse Hospital Fancy Dress Costume


    Transform into a hospital hottie with our Head Nurse Costume! You'll have a queue of patients waiting to see you when you arrive in this costume. The Nurse Costume includes a short white dress with a zip-up front. The dress has red stripes around the...

  • The Naughty Schoolgirl costume includes dress, shirt and tie.

    Womens Naughty Schoolgirl Uniform Halloween Costume


    Become the teacher's pet with this naughty Schoolgirl Costume! It's promised to put a smile on your fancy dress party guests or who ever you decide to show it off too! This naughty schoolgirl costume features a black short dress with a pleated skirt and...

  • The womens Darling Princess costume includes dress and choker.

    Womens Darling Princess Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Be awoken from your cursed sleep by your true love with this Darling Princess costume and enjoy life as a fairytale princess just like Aurora! This regal costume features a short, pink, satin dress with puff chiffon sleeves and a chiffon peplum overlay...

  • The Sexy Beer Girl costume includes dress only.

    Sexy Beer Girl Womens Oktoberfest German Fancy Dress


    Whether you're hosting a Bavarian themed party or going to an Oktoberfest event, get the beers out in style with this this stunning Beer Girl Costume and it will transform you into a German beauty. This costume features a German Bavarian styled dress...

  • The Sexy Storybook Dorothy costume includes dress and petticoat.

    Womens Sexy Storybook Dorothy Fancy Dress Party Costume


    Dorothy is an orphan raised by her aunt and uncle in the bleak landscape of a Kansas farm, travelling to the magically world of Oz one day with the help of a cyclone. Become this classic children's character with our fantastic Darling Dorothy Costume...

  • The Shipwrecked Pirate costume includes top, shorts with over skirt, belt and bandana.

    Womens Shipwrecked Pirate Sexy Captain Fancy Dress Costume


    Break out the 'grog' and strike fear into your fellow landlubber party goers with this fabulous pirate lady costume from Wicked Costumes. This costume includes top, shorts with overskirt, corset belt & bandana. Why not glam up your costume with some...

  • The womens Classic French Maid costume includes dress, apron and headpiece.

    Womens Classic French Maid Budget Halloween Costume


    Dress to impress with this career changing Classic French Maid budget costume. Clean up as a flirty housemaid and give the party goers a dusting down - or whatever else tickles your fancy! This sexy costume features a black dress with white lace trim and...

  • The Sexy Army Girl costume includes dress only.

    Sexy Army Girl Womens Soldier Private Fancy Dress Costume


    All the men will be marching to your tune is this Sexy Army Girl Costume, and if not? Well you can simply shoot them down! This Sexy Army Girl costume features a green camouflage dress with a zip up front and collar. Please note that bullet belt, tights...

  • The womens Ahoy Sailor Fcostume includes dress with attached sailor collar and hat.

    Womens Ahoy Sailor Fancy Dress Party Halloween Costume


    Say Ahoy Sailor to this nautical fancy dress number! This sexy costume features a short, navy dress with drop-waist and an attached white sailor collar and button detail. This costume is completed with a white sailor hat with anchor motif to complete...

  • The womens Frisky Body Inspector costume includes dress, belt and cap.

    Womens Frisky Body Inspector Police Halloween Costume


    Search and investigate suspicious activity at every fancy dress party dressed in this sexy Frisky Body Inspector (FBI) costume. It includes black dress, belt and cap. Please note stockings, boots, handcuffs and sunglasses are NOT included. Perfect for...

  • The Naughty Nurse costume includes dress and headpiece.

    Womens Naughty Nurse Sexy Matron Halloween Costume


    Transform into a hospital hottie with our Naughty Nurse Costume! You'll have a queue of patients waiting to see you when you arrive in this costume. This Naughty Nurse costume includes a white dress with red zip up front and white collar. With naughty...

  • The Bootcamp Babe costume includes vest, shorts and hat.

    Bootcamp Babe Womens Sexy Camo Military Halloween Costume


    You're sure to grab everyones attention at the party with this military themed Sexy Army fancy dress costume from Wicked Costumes. The intent of camouflage is to disrupt an outline by merging it with its surroundings, making a target harder to identify,...

  • The Flirty French Maid costume includes dress with apron, petticoat, garters and feather duster.

    Womens Flirty French Maid Feather Duster Fancy Dress


    This French Maid costume is a captivating fancy dress idea which will ensure that cleaning is the last thing on your man's mind! The French Maid Outfit includes a black and white dress with an white apron attached at the front and a lace up corset style...