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Plus Size Costumes

Finding the perfect fitting Halloween costume has never been easier thanks to our premium plus size range!

Find all our best mens and womens costumes right here including pirates, cops & robbers, native Americans, sexy nurses, historical figures and so much more.

Don't forget to check out our 'fancy dress accessories' page to find everything you need to complete the look.

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  • The mens Bad Chemist Bio Hazard Suit includes realistic chemical suit, respirator, goggles and gloves.

    Mens Bad Chemist Bio Hazard Hazmat Suit Halloween Costume


    Your sure to be the best dressed at the party in this fantastic Hazmat Suit! This great fancy dress costume includes a realistic yellow chemical suit, respirator, goggles and gloves. The costume is perfect for halloween parties, fancy dress parties,...

  • The mens Orange Convict Jumpsuit costume includes jumpsuit only.

    Mens Orange Convict Jumpsuit Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Your sure to be the best dressed in this fantastic Orange Convict costume! Includes: Chain gang jumpsuit with front zip, with Jail Convict print on back and convict number on front. Please note: handcuffs, shirt and footwear are not included. Why not add...

  • The mens Pope costume includes robe, sash, hat and cross.

    Mens Pope Holy Cardinal Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Become one of the high cardinals in the holy world with this Holy Cardinal costume! It includes a hat, robe, cross and sash. Ideal for fancy dress parties, Halloween, stag nights and much more! So grab yours now while stocks last!

  • Womens mesh top in black, and neon colours green, orange, pink an dyellow for 1980s theme fancy dress parties and Halloween costumes

    Womens 80s Mesh Top Halloween Costume Party Accessory


    Bring back the eighties with this cool mesh top! Please note vest top, wig, gloves, beads and bangles are sold separately. Perfect for fancy dress parties, Halloween, shows and theatre productions, charity events and fundraisers or just for some great...

  • The mens New York Cop costume includes shirt, trousers belt and deluxe hat.

    Mens New York Cop Police Man Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Your bound to be the best dressed at the party dressed in this fantastic New York Cop costume. This great costume includes shirt, trousers, belt and hat. Please note: sunglasses, weapon, handcuffs and footwear are not included. Hat comes flat packed...

  • The mens Party Boy Stripper costume includes stripper trousers, man thong, cuffs, collar and bowtie. Mens Party Boy Stripper Fancy Dress Halloween Costume

    Mens Party Boy Stripper Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Shock everyone at the party with this hilarious 'Party Boy Stripper' fancy dress outfit from Wicked Costumes - not for the faint hearted! Costume includes black stripper trousers (detachable for quick removal), silver thong, white cuffs, white collar and...

  • The womens Corporal Cutie costume includes dress, belt and hat.

    Womens Corporal Cutie Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Get armed and dangerous in this Corporal Cutie costume! Features a short, camouflage print dress with matching hat. Costumes is completed with a belt. Please note that the tights, boots and toy gun are NOT included. This ladies Corporal Cutie costume is...

  • The womens Orange Convict Prisoner costume includes bright orange top and trousers.

    Womens Orange Convict Prisoner Inmate Halloween Costume


    You can dress up as a prison inmate in this bright orange convict costume. It includes top andtrousers only. Please note white vest and name badge are NOT included. An excellent choice for fans of the hit TV series Orange Is The New Black. Perfect for...

  • The womens Deluxe Red Riding Hood costume includes deluxe dress with attached hooded cape.

    Womens Deluxe Red Riding Hood Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Bring your favourite fairytale to life with this Deluxe Red Riding Hood costume. Look out for the big bad wolf as you venture through the woods! This pretty costume features a dress that is styled to look like a white blouse, black bodice and red...

  • The mens Navy Bavarian Beer Guy costume includes shirt, faux lederhosen and hat with feather.

    Mens Navy Bavarian Beer Guy Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Relive Munich's Oktoberfest with this Bavarian Beer Guy costume. Get the party brewing in the beer tent and keep the Bavarian beer flowing in traditional style! Includes: shirt, navy Lederhosen style shorts & hat with feather. Please note that the...

  • The mens Monk Of The Abbey costume includes brown robe with hood, rope belt and cross.

    Mens Monk Of The Abbey Religious Halloween Costume


    This 'Monk of the Abbey' costume is perfect if you're with your band of merry men on a stag weekend or attending a fancy dress party. It includes thick, 100% brown polyester hooded robe, rope belt, gold fabric cross with string necklace. Complete the...

  • The womens Jazzy Flapper costume includes dress and headpiece.

    Womens Jazzy Flapper Black Fancy Dress Halloween Costume


    Relive the Roaring 20s with this Jazzy Flapper - Black costume. Straight from a Prohibition era, speakeasy club this jazzy flapper girl is ready to kick up her heels and dance the Charleston! This costume features a strappy, black dress with fringing. It...

  • womens Mrs Santa Claus Suit Christmas Festive Xmas Costume

    Womens Mrs Santa Claus Suit Christmas Festive Xmas Costume


    Become the sexiest wife the world has ever seen with this Budget Mrs Santa Clause costume! Be the happiest and most beautiful woman in the whole of the North Pole! This costume includes a white and red dress and hat with a red and white cape and a black...

  • The mens White Elvis King Of Rock n Roll costume includes jacket, trousers, belt and sequin scarf.

    Mens White Elvis King Of Rock n Roll Halloween Costume


    Sing your way into first place and the hearts of your fans in this years costume contest in this amazing King of Rock n Roll costume. This includes a white jacket with gold rims and a red sequined scarf, white trousers with red sequin and a gold belt...

  • The Hawaiian Grass Hula Skirt includes skirt only.

    Hawaiian Natural Grass Hula Skirt 80cm Fancy Summer Dress


    Made from 80cm strands with artificial flowers on the waistband this skirt will add instant Hawaiian appeal to your costume! Available in 5 colours: Natural, Pink, Blue, Green or Multi. Ideal for summer or Hawaiian themed parties or hen and stag nights...

  • The womens Hospital Scrub Nurse costume includes dress, apron and hat.

    Womens Hospital Scrub Nurse Uniform Halloween Costume


    Nurse party goers back to health dressed in this cute costume! It includes green dress, white apron and hat. Please note stethoscope and stockings are NOT included. Perfect for fancy dress parties, Halloween, shows and theatre productions, charity...

  • The Hot Hostess costume includes body suit with tails, cuffs, ears and bunny tail.

    Hot Hostess Womens Play Bunny Role Play Fancy Dress costume


    If you're planning on being the centre of attention when hosting your next party, then this captivating Hot Hostess Bunny Costume is the ideal outfit for you. The flirtatious design of this costume will transform you into a ravishing rabbit ready to be...

  • The Sexy Nun costume includes dress, headpiece and cross.

    Womens Sexy Nun Fancy Dress Habit Convent Sister Costume


    Nuns are normally known for being polite members of a religious community who try to do good in the world. This Nun Costume is a sexy take on the classic nun. This nun costume features a black dress with long sleeves. This costume also includes a...