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BBQ Tools & Accessories

Make the most of your al fresco dining experience with our range of tools and accessories for your barbecue.

From Sausage Rollers to Smoker Chips and Lumpwood Charcoal to Light The Wrapper Logs we've got everything you need.

Get the fire started and keep the fun going.

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  • Stainless steel sausage roller for your barbecue with long handle This sausage roller holds up to five sausages

    Azuma BBQ Sausage Roller Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool


    This clever sausage roller tool from Azuma makes cooking sausages and hot dogs on your barbecue so easy! Everyone knows how stressful it can be when cooking at a BBQ. With these amazing sausage rollers, stress behind the grill will become a thing of the...

  • Start your charcoal barbecue with ease with the azuma bbq starter Place the barbecue charcoal starter inside your barbecue then light the coals

    Azuma BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter Barbecue Stainless Steel


    Start your charcoal bbq easily and safely with the Azuma BBQ Chimney Starter. Not only can igniting your grill with lighter fluid be dangerous but it can also leave a bad taste on your for food (yuck). That’s why I love the Azuma chimney starter...