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How to Make THE BEST Hot Chocolate
Posted by Adele

How to Make THE BEST Hot Chocolate

At this time of year nothing beats cosying up on the couch with fresh pjs, a good Christmas movie and an overflowing mug of luxurious hot chocolate! Although, finding a really good hot chocolate that isn’t too watery, too thick, too chocolatey or too bland can be a bit of a mission.

Our personal favourite is Jamie Oliver’s recipe, no contest. It does call for a few different ingredients but don’t worry, they’re not expensive and it’s super easy to make. Once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. Never again will you want to buy another 4 for £1 Options sachets offer or try out yet another expensive ‘luxury brand’ mix that - let’s be honest - just isn’t worth the money.

To get started with this one you’re going to need the following ingredients. So pop through to the kitchen and check your cupboards and if there’s anything missing take a note and get to Tesco. RIGHT NOW. Don’t even put your shoes and jacket on, just go. We’ll wait for you…

Back already? Let’s get started.

Now you’ve got all your ingredients sorted, all you do now is pour all of the milk into a saucepan and bring it (almost) to the boil on a medium heat. Whist your milk is bubbling away nicely, add all of the chocolate mix ingredients to a large jar and finely grate in the chocolate. Give the jar a good shake to mix all the ingredients together.

You’ll need around 10 heaped tablespoons of the mix for this amount of milk. Simply spoon the powder mixture into the hot milk, give it a good whisk and leave it to bubble away for a few minutes before serving. As Jamie says, you’re looking for that ‘gorgeous, thick, almost claggy, knockout texture’.

As calories aren’t really a thing at Christmas time, we like to finish ours off with a big dollop of squirty cream (as high as possible please) and some marshmallows…. and probably another grating of that chocolate if there’s any left.

Why not spoon the mix into little jars to give to friends and family as Xmas gifts! Or, if you want to keep it all to yourself, well that’s absolutely fine too.


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