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How to Beat The Post-Christmas Blues
Posted by Adele

How to Beat The Post-Christmas Blues


Shortest horror story ever - CHRISTMAS IS OVER. Seriously though, how on earth are we going to deal with going back to work and things like 6.30am alarms, waiting more than 5 minutes between snacks and normal songs playing on the office radio again. We’re so not ready for this.

If, like us, you’re sending out a post-Christmas SOS to help you get back into the 9 to 5 swing of things, then stick with us and we’ll get through it together. Here are a few ways you can keep your mind off pigs in blankets and Dr Who and perk yourself back up this January:

Eat Amazing Breakfasts

It’s the oldest cliché in the book, but also the one that works every time. Two weeks of irregular sleep and eating patterns has more than likely thrown your body clock and metabolism right out of whack, so starting the day with a breakfast fit for royalty is definitely the way forward.

If you’ve got time, try a toasted wholemeal pitta and top it with some grilled bacon, avocado and poached eggs for a special treat. Or if you’re in a rush to catch the train, pack some overnight oats in your bag with some mixed berries and seeds to scatter on top when you reach the office. 

Get Active Again

Hitting the gym at 7am after a fortnight of booze and chocolate sounds like an absolute nightmare, so ease yourself back into it a bit at a time. Little things like parking at the opposite end of the carpark, ditching the lift at work and getting off the bus a stop earlier than your destination all help to rack up the step count on your new Fitbit.

Book a Summer Holiday

Nothing will get you working faster than knowing you’ve got an epic holiday in the pipeline. Work out what you can afford and get planning! It could be a trip to somewhere sunny with the family, heading to a festival for the weekend with your mates or a chilled week of camping and nature to unwind. Those dreaded first few weeks back earning money to spend abroad aren’t looking so gloom now are they? 

Catch up With Friends

With family plans taking priority at Christmas time you might not have seen some of your closest friends since before the 25th, so set aside some time in January to hang out and catch up. Order in some dinner or take advantage of those January sales and organise a shopping day for you both one weekend to enjoy after your first week back at work!

Switch up Your Coffee Order

If you rely on a daily dose of caffeine to get you through your morning commute, then switch up your regular order with something else to perk you up! Treat yourself to some fancy flavoured syrup in your latte, get all the extras on your hot chocolate for a change or switch to soya milk - you never know you might like it better! 

Have a Social Media Clear-out

Nothing’s more of a buzzkill after Christmas than those ‘friends’ on Facebook who are constantly posting cryptic messages, or that one serial tweeter who sets your phone off every 2 minutes with notifications. Spend your lunch break scrolling through your contacts and delete the people you don’t actually talk to - you’ll be left only seeing nice posts and photos from the people and companies you love the most! If only it was this easy in real life.

And Finally, Make Time for You

You’ve survived your first couple of weeks back, check you out! A bit like ripping a plaster off, the idea of it was worse than it actually was, however that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to enjoy some time to kick back and relax. Crack out those pampering skincare sets and bath bombs you got for Christmas and enjoy some TLC and an early night to catch up on some sleep. 

Before you know it it’ll be Monday again….