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Halloween Costume Ideas (Guide 2018)

Halloween Costume Ideas (Guide 2018)

Are you organising a Halloween costume party but need some inspiration?

Maybe you’ve been invited to one and haven’t a clue what to wear?

Here at XS Stock, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you out. Whether you’re having a costume dilemma or just trying to make that all important decision about what to dress up as, you’ll find some inspiration here.

We’ve compiled ideas to suit almost every conceivable theme, and suit every budget. So, whatever you are looking for, we are confident this guide will help.

We’ve concentrated on the scarier outfits to start with. After all, it’s what Halloween was originally known for!

So, how do you go about choosing an outfit that’s right for you?

First, lets determine who the costume for.

Who is the costume for?

Is the Halloween costume for you, or for another family member?

The first step to choosing a Halloween costume is to work out who is going to be wearing it.

Halloween costume ideas for kids

Generally if purchasing for a child, once they’ve reached a certain age (say 10 and up), the tastes and style choices tend to change.

A 12 year old might not thank you for a Ninja turtle costume!

If this is a party invite, it will help to know if it’s a themed costume party. You wouldn’t want to turn up as ‘Frankenstein’s monster’, when everyone else is in pyjamas! If it’s a ‘free for all’ this wouldn’t be an issue - but it pays to know either way.

When organising a costume party or Halloween party, we advise that you make the theme clear on your invitation to save embarrassment!

Are you organising an adult party?

How ‘adult’ is adult? You don’t want someone getting the wrong idea! It’s best to set boundaries by suggesting costumes and the themes.

But, which costumes?

When looking for adult Halloween costume ideas, try and think outside of the box. The last thing you want, is to turn up with a Halloween costume that another person is wearing!

Some of the best outfits are those which show the thought that went into them beforehand, and didn’t cost the earth to achieve.

Halloween costumes ideas for adults

A little anecdote here…

I remember once going to a Halloween party as Quasimodo - though I didn’t dress conventionally! No - I wrapped myself in tin foil and used cotton wool for the hump!

Though I vaguely resembled the beast, my efforts didn’t go unnoticed. When puzzled guests asked who I was meant to be, I replied confidently, “I’m the LUNCH-PACK of Notre Dame!”

Of course some eyes rolled, but others got the gist and joined in the fun of it all.

My point is - don’t be afraid to experiment!

What’s your budget?

Halloween costume ideas on a budget

If you’ve organised the get-together and your social circle allows for a lavish lifestyle, then cost is probably not high on the agenda.

But, if like most of us you count your pennies, consider other people’s pockets as well as your own and theme your party appropriately. Do a little research into the prices of the Halloween costumes that you intend to theme your party upon.

You can have as much fun with homemade costumes as you do with costumes off the shelf. Just watch those outfits disintegrate as the night draws in!

For fun, take a look at some of the more expensive outfits that people buy for a one off party here!

What’s your Halloween theme?

Halloween costume ideas for themed parties

There are some well established Halloween party themes out there. From the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous! I’m sure you’ve heard of a few.

Really, who would have thought that ‘Willy Wonka’ would be a Halloween party theme?

We’ve done some research for you. Based on the findings of other sites and surveys, we’ve found these themes to be the most popular:

1) The clown from ‘It’. Who isn’t afraid of a clown nowadays?
2) Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Probably hoping for a hero to sweep them off their feet!
3) ‘Wonder Woman’. Yep! And now the new movie is due so definitely going to be popular this year too!
4) ‘Game of Thrones’. Almost any character here and you are on to a winner!
5) ‘Baywatch’. Any excuse to get you out of your everyday clothes and scantily clad!
6) ‘Hippies’. Harping back to the 60’s is on trend this year-and easy to copy.
7) ‘Gangsters and Molls’. Always popular and makes some great photos!
8) Superheroes. Pick a superhero - any super hero - now shuffle them…

We’ve found that most themes fit within just a few categories; funny, scary, or sexy. Some parties are even a mix of two or more.

As long as you base your party theme on any of these, it’s likely to be a blast!

What time do you need to organise the party?

We suggest that you give yourself at least a month to prepare. Parties are not easy to organise within a week or less!

If you’ve been tasked to organise your own Halloween party and are stuck for time, this list should help you get organised more quickly.

1. Decide on your theme.

Your guests will expect to be told of the theme unless you just ask them to express themselves!

2. Determine how much you want to spend on your party and don’t exceed it.

It’s all too easy to go over budget and spend more than intended.

You really will need to find buried treasure at your pirate themed Halloween party if you overspend.

Stick to your budget when Halloween party planning

Most of the time, you’ll find yourself with an untidy house, half eaten or wasted food and drink, and out of pocket too.

Don’t let it get out of hand as you won’t enjoy it and you will have missed the purpose of it all!

3. Establish a day and time for the party, and work out a guest list.

Choose a day and time for your Halloween party

You will almost certainly need to cater for the majority of your friends and family.

Be prepared that not everyone you invite will be able to make it, and some that plan to won’t show either. These things happen so try not to take it personally.

Try and get them to reply to your invitation, maybe even ring them beforehand (as it’s harder to decline an invite on the phone), so you have a more accurate guest list.

Clarify the venue, time and date, and the theme.

Nowadays, it’s acceptable to suggest that your guests bring something along to contribute to the party too.

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask, and cross this off your list of items you need, ensuring it’s not something you can't do without of course!

4. Stock up with food and drink.

Stock up on food and drink for your Halloween party

A few days before the party, plan your shopping trip.

This saves space in your home and keeps the food fresh.

Think about your average guest and how much they will eat or drink on the night/day. Multiply this by the amount of guests and perhaps concentrate on items that last a little longer or don’t cost too much.

Think about disposable crockery and cutlery and cups to make cleaning up easier later.

Buy some tin foil for the excess food and don’t be frightened to offer these to guests who are leaving.

Stock up on refuse bags and kitchen towels and cloths for the inevitable spillages!

5. Think about your decorations.

Decorate you home, inside and out, for Halloween

If the party is in your home, don’t leave your valuable items in vulnerable spots where they could be damaged accidentally.

If your party is themed, think about how you might decorate your home to create an ambience that relates to your theme.

6. Are your guests leaving with party bags?

Give your party guests a Halloween party bag

This gift option doesn’t necessarily limit itself to children either!

If budget allows, you can make a thoughtful and cheap party bag for your guests to leave with. Disposable cameras are a great idea and you can ask for some copies if they capture a memorable moment.

If the party has a celebratory cake, cut a slice and wrap it for them to take home as a memento of the day.

Need more help choosing your Halloween costume?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you out!

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