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Burns Night Recipe: Microwave Dumpling Cake
Posted by Adele

Burns Night Recipe: Microwave Dumpling Cake

Rabbie Burns night is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be looking forward to an excuse to indulge in a ridiculous amount of mashed tatties, haggis, homemade shortbread… and maybe a wee dram too!

This year why not take your Burns Supper to another level with a homemade Clootie Dumpling cake? If you’re a sucker for tradition you could spend hours cooking it the good old fashioned way in heavy cotton cloths (cloots), or if you’re looking to cut a few corners then take a look at the recipe my gran follows. This recipe is so easy to use and ended up in my grans hands a few years ago from a friend - you can prep and cook the whole cake in less than 1 hour thanks to your trusty microwave!

After years of making traditional Clootie Dumplings and switching to this method in recent years, I can 100% confirm (as it’s my favourite cake that she makes every year) that this new recipe my gran follows tastes just like the real deal made with cloths.

Here’s the full recipe so you can make your own:

Don’t forget that Burns Night is January 25th! If you try out this dumpling cake recipe, then tag us in your Instagram snaps using @xsstockcom or post them to our Facebook wall so we can have a peek!