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A Parent's Guide to Surviving (Another) World Book Day
Posted by Adele

A Parent's Guide to Surviving (Another) World Book Day

The need for kids costumes - it’s never-ending isn’t it.

First off, there’s Halloween. A three to four-week full family meltdown trying to let your five and eight year olds pick what they want to dress up as for half an hour of trick or treating. Then, since they can’t possibly be seen dead in the same costumes twice, you’re left to come up with another idea for the the school fancy dress disco. Oh and another for their after school parties and before you know it it’s Christmas and you’re up to your eyes sewing and prepping Nativity costumes for an entire class full of kids - kudos for taking one for the team, again!

Hold up. What’s that leaflet in the schoolbag today - DRESS UP FOR WORLD BOOK DAY ON MARCH 1ST?!?! You forgot that was next week, didn’t you? Don’t panic - we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our top tips on surviving yet another fancy dress event like a pro without a tantrum or tear in sight (and that’s just the parents) …

First off - Don't let the kids pick their costume!!

Simple. It’s a lot easier convincing them that your idea is super cool and original compared to a week of sleepless nights working on their latest suggestion.

Start with Sleepwear

Who doesn’t love spending the whole day in their pyjamas. Some of the cleverest World Book Day costumes only need a pair of pjs and a couple of props from the house! Think Sophie from The BFG, Wendy Darling from Peter Pan , or even Tom from Tom’s Midnight Garden .

Use Their School Uniform

All it takes is a drawn on scar and a stick for a wand and you’ve got your very own Hogwarts costume, a-la-free thank you kindly. Add a plain black cloak for any character, some round glasses for Harry, a ginger wig for Ron or use a stuffed cat toy for Hermione to hold! Don’t forget the crimpers either. 

Raid the Paper Bin

If you’ve got a stash of cardboard that’s destined for the bin, why not recycle it into some cool accessories or costumes! You can make a simple sword and tabard set for your little knight; or try painting a cardboard box a bright colour, draw on a smiley face and you’ve got one of the Mr Men ; or what about making a huge golden ticket for their Charlie & The Chocolate Factory costume?

Work Around an Accessory

If you’ve already got a wicker basket then all you’ll need is a simple red cape for a 10 minute Little Red Riding Hood costume, or add a gingham dress and some red sparkly shoes to instantly turn your little one into Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Similarly, a tutu is perfect for creating an Angelina Ballerina costume, Tinkerbell or any of their favourite princesses!

A green pool noodle (or one that you can paint green) can be turned into a magical beanstalk for your little Jack to climb, or an animal print onesie will work wonders for the likes of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Fantastic Mr Fox or That’s Not My Unicorn

Costumes from £1.99!

If you’re not up for the challenge of making your own costume and would prefer to buy something new, that’s fine too! We’ve got some great costumes for kids that will work brilliantly for World Book day this year.

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We have everything you could imagine like costumes inspired by storybook favourites like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, to pirates, princesses, chimney sweeps and adorable animals too! Plus, don’t miss our great range of accessories including superhero capes and masks, black and red cloaks for your Hogwarts/Little Red Riding hood costumes, wigs and even funky make up kits too that’ll last right up 'til Halloween this year.

Or, you could just copy this genius instead...

Enjoy World Book Day on Thursday 1 st March 2018!