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10 Budget Back To School Essentials

It’s that time of year again – the dreaded school shop. Let’s be honest – the whole process is pretty miserable. The stress of remembering exactly what you need to get is matched closely with the worry that you’re spending far too much money. Luckily for you, we have a huge choice of bags, stationary and other [...]

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How to Stop Cats Pooping in Your Garden

How often have you gone into your beloved garden, only to find cat poop sprinkled all around?Worse still, the cat isn’t yours! It’s highly likely it’s your neighbour’s cat and you probably don’t get on with them too!For many people, gardens are their haven and the last thing they want is to tread in cat [...]

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10 Home Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Keeping a home running can be time consuming, difficult and costly. It’s even harder to keep a home looking good and can often cut into what little free time you have. I’ve gathered a few hacks that are sure to make your life at home a lot easier so you can spend less of your weekend running [...]

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10 Camping Activities For You And Your Family

The benefits of going on a camping holiday are endless – it gives you a chance to bond with your family, get closer to nature and share some of your outdoor skills. Unfortunately, your kids might not share your passion for the great outdoors which is why it’s important to keep them as entertained as [...]

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Our Top Toy Picks For The Summer

It’s summer and we are well and truly into the school holidays. The excitement of heading off to the park or the beach for the day is starting to wear thin and now you’re struggling to keep your little monsters entertained. Luckily for you, we have a massive stock of kids toys. In fact, our stock is [...]

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Free Printable Holiday Packing Checklist!

Who doesn’t love a holiday? You work hard all year, count down the days and then…it’s time to do the dreaded packing. Boo. Take away the post stressful part of your holiday with our free printable holiday checklist pdf! Just click the image below to download. Happy holidays! Want to see more? Like our Facebook page for more ideas, deals [...]

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Easy Ways To Tackle Hay Fever This Summer

Summer is usually a time of warmth, relaxation and sheer bliss – unless you have hay fever. Hay fever is a common allergic reaction to pollen which can come from trees, flowers, grass or weeds. A few of the symptoms include sneezing and coughing, a runny or blocked nose, headache, fatigue or an itchy throat, [...]

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COMPETITION TIME! Win A Set Of Our Mason Jars

The other day at XS HQ we got into a bit of a debate – what is the yummiest summer cocktail?Is it a Mojito? Or maybe a Pina Colada?Instead of arguing for hours, we’ve decided to ask you, our loyal customers, for your opinion. Do you have any cocktail recipes?Perhaps it’s a twist on an [...]

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5 Ways To Make Sure Your BBQ’s A Scorcher

There are plenty of things to love about summer – the weather, holidays, longer days – but my all-time favourite has got to be BBQ’s. For me, nothing compares to sitting out the back with friends and family enjoying good food, weather and company. Of course, if you’re the one hosting the BBQ you know that it’s [...]

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What’s New with XS - June

Summer has well and truly arrived. With the good weather rolling in, it’s time to enjoy those big summer plans you’ve been brewing up all year. Whether you’re hosting BBQ’s or picnics, hitting up the local beer garden, getting fit or jetting off, XS are here to make sure you make the most of your summer!   Make [...]

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