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How to Make THE BEST Hot Chocolate

At this time of year nothing beats cosying up on the couch with fresh pjs, a good Christmas movie and an overflowing mug of luxurious hot chocolate! Although, finding a really good hot chocolate that isn’t too watery, too thick, too chocolatey or too bland can be a bit of a mission. Our personal favourite is Jamie Oliver’s recipe, no contest. [...]

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The Christmas Jumper Edit

So Christmas is fast approaching and there’s already decorations up everywhere this weekend - that means we can start wearing Christmas jumpers every day, right?? We’ve received a HUGE selection of new mens and womens styles this year and we can’t wait to show you them! For the gals we’ve got lots of gorgeous soft knit jumpers and [...]

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Decorating for Christmas on a Budget

Why oh why do we always let it get to the last week of November to remember we threw out our half-working lights and tattered baubles during this year’s Spring cleaning sesh. With less than a month to go ‘til the big day, splashing out a small fortune on new decorations isn’t ideal when there’s [...]

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Top Christmas Gifts Under £10

Can you believe that Christmas is less than one month away - it feels like we should still have a few more months ahead to get presents and decorations underway! With most of us only having one payday left between us and the big day, shopping for everyone’s gifts may seem impossible now. Spoiler: It’s not. We’ve got an insane [...]

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How to Successfully Remove Face & Body Paints After Halloween

As fun as face painting is for Halloween, it’s never as easy coming off as it is going on. We’ve all been there - turning up to work or sending the kids to school with the remnants of blue Smurf make-up still lingering in our eyebrows. Avoid being the joke of the 9am meeting with these tried and tested [...]

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Easy Halloween Crafts You Can Make in 10 Minutes or Less

Keeping your little monsters entertained on the run up to Halloween is almost as hard as keeping them calm at Christmas - if I have to repeat ‘no you can’t wear your Spider Man mask to school today’ one more time this week…. We’re not all lucky enough to have arts and crafts supplies coming out of our ears, so if [...]

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Fireworks & Bonfire Night Safety Guide

Bonfire Night is something we all really look forward to here at XS Stock, and we’re proud to offer you a great selection of premium fireworks and accessories to choose from! Although Bonfire Night is a fun night the whole family can enjoy, unfortunately a high number of accidents still happen every year. Whether you’re planning on just using a few sparklers [...]

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What's on in Ayrshire This Halloween?

We absolutely love Halloween, but unlike our friends over the pond who go all out in October we tend to only celebrate it on one day of the year here in Scotland (insert sad face). If you’re like us and want to make the most of the spookiest holiday of the year then check out what’s happening on [...]

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A Virtual Tour of Our Store's Halloween Department

Halloween will forever be one of our favourite holidays here at XS Stock. Whether it’s the decorations, costume shopping, trick-or-treating or scary movies on the telly – everyone has their favourite bits about the spookiest holiday of the year!As always, we’re thrilled to bring you a huge selection of costumes, accessories and decorations for the home this year, and [...]

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Halloween Costume Guide 2017

Halloween 2017 is creeping up on us big time – have you got your costume sorted yet? With so many ideas to choose from it can be difficult to pick your dream outfit, but don’t worry, we’ve rounded up our  top costume ideas from this year’s newest arrivals and hottest themes. Whether it’s the little one’s school disco, trick-or-treating with the [...]

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