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20 Ways to Bring Joy to Your January
Posted by Adele

20 Ways to Bring Joy to Your January

It’s no lie that everyone dreads January.

The house is looking a bit bare now that all the Christmas decorations have been packed away, someone has finished all the good chocolates and normal telly resumes this week.

Chin up though!

We’ve got 20 amazing ideas for bringing a bit of joy back into your life this month, and help beat the January blues.

1. Have a ‘Dry’ Week or Month

So, chances are you probably overdid it a bit over the party season.

I know I did….

Why not kick start your 2019 with a cleansing detox? Pledge to take a full week or month off of booze and we promise you’ll feel the benefits.

You can also use your dry week or month as an opportunity to raise some funds for charity or a local cause - double win!

2. Re-Think Your Skincare

Winter weather and a solid month of eating pigs in blankets can play havoc on our skin.

Use your Christmas money and vouchers to treat yourself to some new moisturiser, or pop into your local beauty bar for a well-earned facial.

3. Make Some Real Resolutions

Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before - ‘I’m going to stop eating takeaways this year’ or ‘I’m going to hit the gym twice a day’.

We all fall into the trap of setting unrealistic goals for new year, which in turn just makes us miserable when we can’t keep them.

Instead, set yourself some little (yet achievable) goals throughout the year.

Things like ‘this month I’m going to donate to my local food bank’ or ‘I’ll clean the car this week’ aren’t a shock to the system, but still great ways to help you feel better about yourself.

4. Bring Fresh Flowers Inside

Nothing helps brighten up your home better than some freshly cut flowers.

Being in the presence of flowers has been proven to elevate mood and emotional wellbeing greatly too, so what’s not to love!

Take some clippings from the garden, or treat yourself to a colourful bouquet next time you’re out shopping.

5. Stop Using Your Contactless Card 

Hands up if you’re guilty of using your contactless card CONSTANTLY.

It’s quicker, more efficient and so easy done.

However, switching to physical cash rather than using your card will make you much more mindful of what you’re buying and how much you’re spending.

Plus, there’s a good chance you’ll actually have some money left at the end of the month too!

6. Hinch Your Home 

If you haven’t heard of Mrs Hinch and her magical cleaning tips, where the heck have you been?

Taking the Instagram world by storm and now releasing her very own book, Sophie (aka Mrs Hinch) is the queen of cheap and easy cleaning hacks.

Use fabric softener and water to freshen up your skirting, Zoflora your floors and give your sofa a good vacuum.

p.s. if you manage to get your hands on a famous Minky cleaning pad, phone me.

7. Set up a New Organiser

If you’re fed up of forgetting meetings and running late, then get yourself into the habit of being super organised this year.

Set up a new diary, journal or wall calendar to keep track of all your appointments, work shifts, holidays and coffee dates with your friends.

8. Make Something from Scratch 

It could be a new recipe you’ve had your eye on for a while, a new cocktail mix or something crafty you want to make for your home.

Making something new from scratch will give you a real boost when you’re feeling sluggish after Christmas, and it’s a great way to show off your amazing skills!

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for EVERYTHING, so if you haven’t already, we’d thoroughly recommend downloading the app.

9. Get a New Hairstyle

“New year, new me” and all that jazz.

Use the new year as your reason to switch things up from your usual trim and opt for something totally different at your next appointment!

Try a lighter shade of colour than you’re used to, add some layers to long hair or be bold with a new fringe.

10. Buy a Bird Feeder and Hang It Up

Help wildlife survive when the temperatures drop by filling a bird feeder with seeds. Black oil sunflower seeds are a firm favourite and can be found in many pet shops.

If you have kids, let them help fill the feeder up and they can watch the birds flock round your garden from the window!

11. Have a Digital Clear-Out

If you’re anything like me, your life will be packed with digital clutter.

If I’m not looking at a computer screen at work, then my phone is glued to my hand while I scroll through apps like Instagram and Facebook. This year why not rid yourself of your bad phone habit and take a break from social media apps and email.

You can suspend your Facebook account for a set period of time, unsubscribe from junk emails and condense your contact list down to the people you actually talk to.

12. Order Takeout & Watch Your Favourite Movie

Picture the scene.

Friday night, 7pm. Your new Christmas PJs are on, your favourite movie is on your Netflix list and there’s a pizza (or two) on route.

Living the dream or what?!

A bit of me-time is so important, so take some time out this month, and going forward for the rest of 2019, to re-charge and chill out with your favourite things.

13. Track Your Mood

It’s ok to not be ok.

If you suffer from SAD over the winter months, or struggle to get back into your normal pre-Christmas holiday routine, then a mood tracker is a great way to see how you’re doing at a glance.

Set it up in your bullet journal, diary, phone or tablet and either jot down your mood for the day or make a cool colour chart like @rleplans has done above!

14. Have a Pamper Day

Chill out and unwind with a cheap spa day at home.

Plan a pamper day with your mum, sister, best friend - anyone. Give each other mini manicures, try out your new Christmas make up or a calming face mask might be just what you’re needing after a month of partying hard.

15. Give Veganuary a Go

There are so many reasons that make people turn to veganism.

Research shows that going vegan can greatly improve some people’s health by cutting out cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. For others, their love of animals is their only reason.

Whatever motivates you, why not combine your new year’s resolution to start eating better with ‘Veganuary’ - a whole month of cutting out all animal based products and focusing on a plant based diet.

Click here to get more information from the Veganuary website.

16. Try a New Exercise

If the thought of going back to the gym this month fills you with dread, then a simple switch up to your workout will help keep you motivated!

Try out an exercise class you’ve never been to before like spin or boxing, change your barbells to dumbbells or switch up the tempo in your reps.

17. Learn Something New

Check out Facebook pages, websites and newspapers from your local area to see what’s happening nearby this month.

Take your pick from a whole range of fun hobbies including cookery classes, calligraphy workshops, craft fairs and painting for beginners.

18. Make the Most of Dry Sunny Days

January through to March is generally when we’re hit with our worst winter weather in Ayrshire, including heavy snow, rain and ice that can last for weeks at a time.

It can be difficult not to stay cooped up in the house, so make the most of dry, sunny days by taking the kids for a walk or cycling into town for a hot chocolate.

19. Start Living More Sustainably 

A great way to feel better about yourself, and make a difference to the environment too, is to start living more sustainably.

Invest in reusable tubs for snacks and lunch on the go, ditch disposable water bottles for a reusable one, and buy yourself a reliable travel mug for morning coffees.

Most coffee chains like Costa and Starbucks will also give you a discount on your drinks order when you use your own cup too!

20. Book a Banging Holiday

Rather than sitting feeling sorry for yourself when it’s wet and miserable outside, spend the time finding a great deal on an amazing summer holiday instead!

Nothing will get your spirits up more than the idea of white sandy beaches, blue seas and sipping on an ice cold mojito a million miles away from home.