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10 Home Hacks To Make Your Life Easier
Posted by Kirsty

10 Home Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Keeping a home running can be time consuming, difficult and costly.

It’s even harder to keep a home looking good and can often cut into what little free time you have.

I’ve gathered a few hacks that are sure to make your life at home a lot easier so you can spend less of your weekend running around and more of it relaxing and sipping on a your favourite drink!


1. Use a whitening pen to freshen your bathroom

We all know that grout in your home can be difficult to control, especially in a bathroom.

A sure way to restore some life into your wet walls is to use a whitening pen. This will give your bathroom a cleaner, fresher look and is easy to top up whenever things start to get out of hand again.


2. Add felt pads to the bottom of your furniture

It’s never good seeing your lovely laminate flooring get damaged.

By adding felt pads to the bottom of tables and chairs, this will should give your floors a fighting chance of not getting ruined and may even give your furniture some extra life.


3. Cover marks on your wall with a paint tester

It’s frustrating staring at marks on your wall especially when so much time and effort went into painting them in the first place. Although you would like to give them a new lease of life, buying in more paint just isn’t cost effective.

If you head down to your local hardware shop, they should offer samples in store. Although you do still have to pay for the small tub of paint, it’s at a fraction of the cost of a regular tub and won’t lie about your home drying up and going to waste.


4. Colour code your keys with nail polish

Why is it that all keys seem to look the same?

To avoid the torment of rattling about with keys, trying to find the correct one, why don’t you add some colour to them with spare nail polish? If the colours get marked or chipped just add a new layer!

You’ll be able to gain access to doors quicker which is ideal for when you’re in a rush or if the weather isn’t up to scratch.


5. Store your plastic bags in a tissue box

Plastic bags are a necessary evil – they’re handy to have around the home for nipping to the shops or carrying your lunch in but the clutter they create is unbelievable.

The next time you finish a box of tissues, attach double sided sticky tape to its back and stick it to a kitchen cupboard door. Fill it with plastic bags and use it as a dispenser.

You can then use this box to keep your bags tidy and to monitor how many you have left.

6. Attach a foam noodle to your garage wall

For car owners, bashing your car door is a constant fear no matter where you go.

This fear gets worse when you have to cram your car into the garage during the colder months of the year. Although you might trust yourself to be careful when entering and leaving the car, you may doubt your passengers.

Grab a foam noodle, cut it in half and measure where the door would meet the wall. Use double sided tape or glue to secure the foam to the wall.

This will provide some protection to your vehicle and your garage wall if you happen to be carrying any clumsy passengers.


7. Hide your router with a hollowed out book

It’s frustrating that when you spend so much time decorating and designing your living space only to have your router stick out like a sore thumb and ruin your rooms look.

If you have a large damaged book that you no longer need lying about your home, hollow out its cover and use it to hide your router in. This will hide the eye sore and will look great in your living room!


8. Attach a magnet to the bottom of your hammer

This is the perfect hack for all DIY buffs out there.

Attach a small magnet to the bottom of your hammer with glue or double sided tape. This will prevent you from having to use your mouth to hold nails when your hands are busy (yuck).


9. Install a door stop to save your walls

It’s almost impossible to keep your home looking like a show room in a busy family based household. One thing that seems to get a lot of damage are the walls.

If you install a small rubber doorstop just before the door meets the wall, this will prevent marks and holes in your wall.


10. Remove dust from light fittings

Dust gathers everywhere in your home and this includes small fittings and fixtures like your light bulbs.

By giving the bulbs in your home a quick dust, you will instantly notice the difference in the lighting in your home and will instantly give each room a new lease of life.


Do you have any of your own hacks? Share them with me here.