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10 Free Ways to Treat Mum This Mother's Day
Posted by Adele

10 Free Ways to Treat Mum This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (31 st March - pop it in your diary), but sometimes we forget that it doesn’t cost anything to show her how much we love her. This year ditch the fancy flowers and overpriced chocolates and treat her to something free she’ll truly appreciate instead.

Let Her Have a Lie In


Mums around the world, rejoice!
Tell her to turn off her alarm, or if you’ve got small kids who love getting up at the crack of dawn let her rest and take charge for the morning. A long lie is worth a million bucks when you’re a busy mum!

Make a Homemade Card

So much cuter than shop bought and your little one will have a ball making something mummy will love! (Plus it’ll keep them out of mischief for an hour or two so it’s a win-win, right)?

Bake Her a Cake

If you can’t ditch the diet on Mother’s Day, Easter & Christmas, then when can you. It’s a rule I think, and if it’s not then it definitely should be. Even if it’s syns, points, checks or calories she’s counting, give her a cheeky day off with one of her favourite homemade cakes!

Treat Her to a Home Spa Day 

There’s nothing more blissful than taking a nice soak in the bath and a bit of TLC, so this year why not make that your gift to mum? Run her a bubble bath with a glass of her favourite wine, make her a luxury DIY face mask, or give her a mini manicure at home.

Take a New Family Selfie

There’s no time like the present! While you’re all in the same room at the same time, take the opportunity to snap some new family photos. Make her a cute collage for her phone screensaver, or keep a hold of them to print and frame at a later date.

Give Her an Hours Peace

There’s no polite way to ask your other half and kids to leave you alone, but Mother’s Day is your day, and an hour of peace is yours if you want it. Use it to catch up on some sleep, watch your favourite tv show in peace or just enjoy a hot cup of tea in pure silence. HEAVEN.

Take a Family Walk Together

If the weather’s nice, why not plan a fun family walk round her favourite park. It’s a great free way to spend some quality time together outdoors, and the little ones will enjoy a shot on the swings and feeding the ducks too!

Cook Her Favourite Dinner

Show her how much you care by cooking her one of her favourite meals for dinner. Whether it’s as simple as mac and cheese or a perfectly cooked steak and chips, she’ll really appreciate all the effort you’ve gone to (even if you burn it).

Pick Some Flowers from the Garden

It no secret that florists like to hike the prices up on holidays like Mother’s Day, so why not make her a bouquet from home instead! Obviously this doesn’t call for digging up her prize pansies and roses, but if there’s some select flowers you can cut to make a handmade bunch then go for it! Daffodils are a great choice at this time of year.

Wash Her Car 

Hmm, not my favourite I must admit, but if it would make my mum happy I’d gladly do it. A selfless chore like washing her car, taking care of the laundry for the day or giving your bedroom a well needed declutter are all great ways to chip in around the home and let her relax.